Interior design trend: 8 bell jars to buy for vintage home styling

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Bell jars are back in fashion: here are eight of our favourites to achieve that vintage decor look. 

Vintage styling has been prevalent in interior design for years. From dusty old tomes positioned on a coffee table for show, to the way brands like House of Hackney have reinvigorated tasselled lamps from the 1920s, it’s long been cool to hark to yesteryear in decor.

Bell jars were all the rage back in the Victorian era, used to display all sorts of things from taxidermy, flowers, clocks and shells. Now, they’re making a comeback. 

Either sold alone as a clear glass cloche or decorated with something beautiful inside such as a paper rose or dried botanicals, online interior stores both big and small are championing the bell jar as a unique styling tool. 

We’d recommend putting yours somewhere that feels slightly eccentric like on a busy bookshelf or coffee table alongside candles, coffee table books, ornaments and succulents

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