Mantelscaping is the new tablescaping and we’ve found the home accessories you’ll need to try it out

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Mantelscaping is the new way to style your favourite home accessories and this is how you can do it yourself. Note: no mantlepiece necessary for this one. 

We love a new interiors trend, and what we love more than one specific trend is one that allows us to show off all of our favourite home accessories, at once. The idea of tablescaping and filling your dining table with joyful ceramics, glassware and quirky candles is one a lot of people have got on board with. And rightly so when it makes dinner time even more exciting. 

The next show-off-everything-at-once trend sweeping the interiors world by storm is mantelscaping. So, what is this new buzzword we hear you cry? It’s the concept of styling your mantelpiece with amazing homeware pieces – from candlesticks and matchboxes to vases and trinket dishes. 

Mantelscaping is all about clever styling to make your fireplace a focus point for the room. Don’t have a mantel? Fear not, as this trend can be created using a shelf, sideboard or any area that’s up against a wall. 

Without further ado, we’ve found the home accessories that’ll get you started on the road to being a mantelscaping hero. Be prepared to want to clear a space in your home for this lovely lot. 

Mantelscaping home accessories

  • Sugar & Cement vase

    Sugar & Cement vase
    Sugar & Cement vase

    In a variety of pastel shades, whether you fill this vase with flowers or keep as an ornament, you’ll want to show it off. You should check out Sugar & Cement for its scalloped cement coasters, too. 

    Shop Sugar & Cement pleated vase at The Drop, £30

  • Oliver Bonas mirror

    Oliver Bonas mirror
    Oliver Bonas mirror

    Oliver Bonas’ art deco-inspired mirror collection is one not to miss. The pastel coloured glass styles will live up any shelf, mantelpiece or sideboard in an instant. 

    Shop Aurora green mirror at Oliver Bonas, £115

  • Bulan candle

    Bulan candle
    Bulan candle

    The destination to head to for the best bedding, silk eye masks and relaxing scents with diffusers and candles. This ylang ylang pot will be so good to use as a trinket holder or bud vase once it’s been burnt, too. 

    Shop ylang ylang and amber candle at Bulan, £35

  • Lola Mayeras cup

    Lola Mayeras pot
    Lola Mayeras cup

    A thing of beauty, this handled pot is handmade in the south of France by skilled artisans. You can use it as a fruit bowl, pot, vase or trinket holder. 

    Shop fruit cup at Lola Mayeras, £134

  • Wynnie Tam Tam candle snuffer

    Wynnie Tam Tam candle snuffer
    Wynnie Tam Tam candle snuffer

    A fancy candle snuffer will look so chic next to your favourite scented candles. Luckily, Wynnie Tam Tam also has candles to shop on site and these smell so dreamy. 

    Shop candle snuffer at Wynnie Tam Tam, £18

  • Bell Hutley matchsticks

    Bell Hutley matchsticks
    Bell Hutley matchsticks

    No longer just for the practical reason of lighting your candles, matchboxes are made to be shown off. Prop these gorgeous styles up near your favourite candles or leave the box open to show off the cool coloured matches. 

    Shop Bell Hutley curious matchsticks at The Drop, £12

  • August & Piers candle

    August & Piers candle
    August & Piers candle

    August & Piers is fast becoming one of Instagram’s most-loved candle brands and its latest scent is here. Muse is a mix of fragrant bergamot and vanilla and it’s one that’ll take pride of place on your mantelpiece. 

    Shop Muse candle at August & Piers, £59

  • Schneid bowl

    Schneidstudio pot
    Schneidstudio pot

    In three different shades, these curved ceramic bowls will be a great addition to any mantelpiece or surface. We also imagine them as a great mini fruit bowl or serving dish.

    Shop Dais bowl at Schneid, £51

  • Rose Works LDN tray

    Lucky Elephant tray
    Rose Works LDN tray

    Add a personal touch to these adorable terrazzo trays by adding words or initials. Available in different colours, you can get one to suit your space and use it as a trinket holder or a place to put your candles on.

    Shop Rose Works LDN personalised terrazzo tray at Lucky Elephant, £20

  • Los Objetos Decorativos plate

    Loso Objectos Decorativos
    Los Objetos Decorativos plate

    Shell fans, rejoice. This handmade dish is perfect to weave into your mantelscape and it comes in yellow, beige or white so you can pick on to suit your interiors style. 

    Shop seashell plate at Los Objetos Decorativos, £108

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