Christmas interior inspiration: how to decorate your bedroom for the festive season
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Christmas interior inspiration: how to decorate your bedroom for the festive season

Think your tree is the only thing you can decorate this year? Think again. Here’s how to turn your bedroom into a festive bolt-hole for the holiday season.

While there’s always hot debate about when exactly the is the right time to start decking your halls for the festive season, whenever the decorating does start, it adds a magical wintery glow to your home.

The outside of houses strung with lights, doors adorned with wreaths. Inside stockings are hung and tables ‘scaped to perfection. But the question is, why should we stop there?

Lately, there’s been a growing trend of taking the Christmas decoration magic throughout the house, from bathrooms to bedrooms. And I’m not just talking about popping on some snowman duvet covers.

From classic fairy lights and adorable ornaments to full blown Christmas trees in the bedroom, it’s certainly one way to keep the festive spirit alive throughout your house. Plus, it’s a great way to use up any excess decorations left over from the rest of the house.

Anything that makes waking up on Christmas even more cosy and magical is a yes from us, so whether you have a big space or small, here is some decoration inspiration. Now, where’s that extra tinsel?

Accessories are your best friend

If “less is more” is your mantra, then adding a few key pieces into your bedroom can help create a cosy festive hideaway. Think thick snuggly blankets, rustic trinkets or even a fun hanging decoration to add a subtle yet sweet Christmassy touch to your space.

Bring the outside in

While the UK may not be the most ideal environment for that coveted snowy white Christmas, you can still feel like you’re in the middle of a winter wonderland with an interior lover’s best friend: plants. Look for green garlands and earthy pinecones, miniature ferns to adorn side tables, and perhaps even a cheeky sprig of mistletoe.

Dream of a white Christmas

While we can’t promise this aesthetic is the most practical, particularly if your Christmas morning involves children or pets, is there anything better than a crisp white bedspread? For fans of a more neutral palate, you can still make it homely by matching different hues – creams, beiges, ecrus and chocolates – with your bright whites. Just add twinkle lights and a snowglobe or two and you’re there.

Channel farmhouse lodge chic

To achieve this, you want to emulate every 90s/00s Christmas music video filmed in a snow-dripped lodge with a roaring open fire (Mariah, we’re looking at you.) Go hell for leather with tartan bedsheets, dark wood accents, rich velvets in festive green and red, glimmers of gold. If coordination is your thing, match your presents by wrapping them in simple brown paper with twine. Eco-friendly and chic.

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