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5 unkillable houseplants perfect for indoors

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For when you want to introduce some more greenery into your home, but don’t want to spend night and day glued to the watering can…

Purifying the air, easing your stress levels, generally brightening the place up – houseplants are a hard-working addition to even the pokiest of flats.

Shame, then, that we kill so many of them. 

Because be honest, who among us can claim not to have seen off a spider plant or three?

However, with a little bit of intel and some room-related planning, there’s no reason why you can’t introduce some low-maintenance greenery throughout your home, without adding to your botanical body-count.

Here are five (almost) unkillable houseplants, and where to put them for maximum lifespan…  

  • 1. For the bathroom

    According to Dr Katie Cooper, founder of plant subscription service Bloombox Club, you need to think about the light and air in each particular room before picking the plant to match.

    “Check where the plant comes from,” she says. “Desert plants like bright, dry air, while low-level jungle dwellers prefer lower light and humidity.”

    So for a bathroom, factor in humid air and potentially lower light levels than elsewhere in the house.

    “Calatheas make wonderful bathroom plants as they lap up humidity and tolerate lower light conditions,” says Cooper.

    “A brightly patterned variety like the Rosepicta Medallion or Calathea Orbafolia will complement a monochrome bathroom brilliantly.”

  • 2. For the kitchen

    If your kitchen is more “student flatshare” than “domestic paradise”, you’d be surprised what a difference a flash of green makes.

    “Candelabra Aloes are drought-tolerant and hardy,” says Cooper, “so you won’t need to fuss to keep them going.”

    They’re quite compact plants, which is a bonus if your space is on the smaller side.

    Plus, if you snap one of the fronds off, you’ve got a ready-made remedy the next time you burn yourself on the hob.

    Add some green-fingered tipples like the new Ketel One Botanical into your drinks cupboard, and you’ve got the kitchen/garden combo of dreams.

  • 3. For the living room

    Space, light and clean air – most houseplants should do pretty well in the living room, so which one should you choose to make the most of it?

    We’d go for the excellently named Wandering Dudes (or “Tradescantia zebrina” if you want to be all sciencey about it).

    “They’re named for their ability to grow almost anywhere,” explains Cooper.

    “They’re good for adding a bit of drama, and their multicoloured leaves become even more vibrant if they’re in a room with a lot of light.”

  • 4. For the bedroom

    If you’re looking for something truly low-maintenance that still looks pretty striking, the snake plant should be your go-to every time.

    Basically, if you’re managing to kill one of these, there’s no hope for you.

    The perfect size for a bedside table, a snake plant is also a good idea if you have trouble sleeping.

    “Snake plants absorb airborne toxins and release oxygen at night,” says Cooper.

    “They’re great for your respiratory health and should help you when it comes to dropping off.”

  • 5. For the hall

    All too often a wasteland of coats, umbrellas and takeaway menus, it’s time to aim higher with your hallway.

    Even if it’s a dark and cramped space, there are still some solid options to choose from.

    “Emerald Palms and Rare Breed Raven Plants (two sub-varieties of Zamioculus) are remarkably adaptable and a great choice for awkward environments,” says Cooper.

    “They can withstand lower light conditions and cooler temperatures and are proven air-purifiers, too.”

    Plus, they look fancy. First impressions and all that. 

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