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These are the top 20 bathroom design trends on Instagram

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Bathroom design trends

New research has revealed the top bathroom interior design trends on Instagram, and (as expected) they’re all incredibly pleasing to look at. 

Whether you’re actually looking to redecorate your bathroom, or simply want to drool over some aesthetically-pleasing interiors, then Instagram is the place for you.

Instagram is the place for interiors inspiration – it’s easier than ever for people all around the world to share images of their homes and designs. Whether you want inspiration for a specific project you’re working on (book nook, anyone?) or want to take a closer look at a new trend or style, you’ll find it on social media. 

Instagram shows there are so many ways to put your own stamp on whatever space you’re working with and create your own personal sanctuary, and that’s true of bathrooms as well. New research by Harvey Water Softeners has revealed the top bathroom interior design trends and features on Instagram (as well as how many likes they get on average), according to analysis of the top 50 posts from across five hashtags.

And while some of the trends were to be expected, like featuring a hanging Devils Ivy in the bathroom – we already know shower plants are having a moment right now – others were less familiar. 

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So without further ado, here’s a look at the top 20 bathroom design trends which are set to shower you with likes – get ready for some serious inspiration.

  • Pure white tiles

    Pure white tiles
    Bathroom design trends: pure white tiles.

    Pure white tiles came out on top as the most popular bathroom design trend on Instagram. This trend incorporates plain tiles with white grout to create a pure, uninterrupted white wall – just be prepared to keep it clean. 

    Image by @one.3.three

  • Dual sinks

    Dual sinks
    Bathroom design trends: dual sinks.

    Beyond being super practical, having two sinks (or a dual sink) is the second most popular bathroom trend on Instagram, probably because the symmetry is incredibly pleasing to look at.

    Image by @newbuildanddesign

  • Devils Ivy hanging plant

    Devils Ivy hanging plant
    Bathroom design trends: Devils Ivy hanging plant.

    It isn’t that big of a surprise that a plant featured somewhere in the top three trends, because we already know they do brilliantly on Instagram. However, it takes a certain kind of plant to thrive in the often darker, humid environment of the bathroom – and it seems that Devils Ivy does just the trick. Hang one of these plants from the corner of your room and rake in the likes.

    Image by @tropical_plant_addict

  • Freestanding oval bath

    Free-standing oval bath
    Bathroom design trends: free-standing oval bath.

    There’s something pretty majestic about a free-standing bath, and the simplicity of this oval design has made it a hit with Instagram audiences. Nice stuff.

    Image by @blathtinn

  • Geometric tiles

    Geometric tiles
    Bathroom design trends: geometric tiles.

    Geometric tiles can add a splash of colour and excitement to your bathroom, and we’re so here for them – they can make a space look unique and stylish without too much fuss. They’re also the most liked feature on Instagram, bringing in an impressive average of 4,668 likes per post.

    Image by @devondevon_official

  • Circular mirrors

    Circular mirrors
    Bathroom design trends: circular mirrors.

    Circular mirrors are very on trend right now, and for good reason. Not only can they make a common-place object a little more exciting, they also contrast perfectly with any sharp edges on the sink and shower.

    Image by @hellohomezone

  • Rainfall showers

    Rainfall shower
    Bathroom design trends: rainfall showers.

    Once you’ve experienced the gentle flow of a rainfall shower cascade over your body, you won’t want to go back. Rainfall showers feature a head which sits directly above the shower, so water falls directly onto the top of your head, rather than coming in at an angle. 

    Image by @katewalker_design

  • Gold taps

    Gold taps
    Bathroom design trends: gold taps.

    Add a bit of bling to your bathroom with some gorgeous gold taps, which happen to look fantastic against pure white tiles. They won’t take that long to install, either, so you can begin raking in the likes in no time.

    Image by @triciavaughn

  • Black taps

    Black taps
    Bathroom design trends: black taps.

    Matte black is certainly having a moment right now, but if you’re too scared to go for it 100% and get a matte black sink or toilet, black taps are the perfect way to make the most of this trend. 

    Image by @alickofpaint

  • In-shower recessed shelves

    In-shower recessed shelves
    Bathroom design trends: in-shower recessed shelves.

    In-shower recessed shelves are a feature everyone needs in their bathroom. Say goodbye to the awkward shower shelves of your past: recessed shelves will keep all of your shower bits-and-bobs neat and out of the way, and will shower you in likes.

    Image by @charliescottageludlow

  • Silver taps

    Keep your bathroom feeling sleek and cool with some square-edged silver taps. The design feature attracts an average of 1,548 likes on Instagram, so it’s clear they’re very on-trend.

  • Marble sink basin

    Marble sink basin
    Bathroom design trends: marble sink basin.

    If your gold tap makeover wasn’t quite fancy enough for you, why not consider getting a marble sink basin to up the luxury of your space? While a sink is one of the key components of every bathroom, the marble sink basin will add a bit of excitement to the room.

    Image by @devolkitchens

  • Woven baskets

    Keep yourself organised and make your bathroom look cute while you do it: woven baskets are the answer to all of your problems. 

  • Floating sinks

    They get 2,369 likes on average, look magical and free up extra storage space underneath: there is a lot to love about a floating sink. 

  • Gold framed mirrors

    Pair a simplistic black and white colour scheme with a gold-coloured accent (such as this amazing mirror) and you’re well on your way to Instagram-bathroom status. 

  • Rustic pine shelves

    Rustic pine shelves
    Bathroom design trends: rustic pine shelves.

    While many of the trends which have come up so far have been sleek and modern, this feature is here for those of us who like a slightly cosier feel. Rustic pine shelves can make your bathroom feel more homely and comforting, while also providing you with some great storage space.

    Image by @redrowoxfordsussex

  • Black-framed mirrors

    Black-framed mirrors
    Bathroom design trends: black-framed mirrors.

    Black-framed mirrors look great in practically any style of bathroom, so you really can’t lose – pick up two to create this pleasingly symmetrical style. 

    Image by @suburbanhomestyle

  • Black shower door

    Black shower doors (which get an impressive 3,190 likes on average) can help to break up the space and tie your colour scheme together, and they look very aesthetically-pleasing, too. 

  • Black towel rail

    Spice-up your bathroom by installing a black towel rail – it’s a great way to break up a white space and add some contrast to the room.

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Images: Instagram (accounts credited throughout)


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