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Best wall paint colour combinations and ideas for redecorating

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Want to be experimental with your walls, but not sure which colours to pick? We asked indie paint brand Pickleson Paint for expert advice on the big colour combinations to try in 2021.

We’re obsessed with interiors influencers like House Homo’s Richard O’Gorman and Home With Sisi who specialise in creative wall paint ideas, dousing their homes with colour clashes and inventive combinations.

But when it comes to your own space it can be daunting to know where to start if you want to try an experimental look that isn’t simply one colour, ceiling to skirting board.

Luckily for us, Rachael Green co-founder of indie (and very cool) paint brand Pickleson Paint is on hand to explain which wall paint colour combinations are going to be big news this year and next, plus, they’re easy to make look great no matter the space.

Pickleson Paint is one of our favourite paint brands as it’s almost odourless, quick drying and non-toxic. Plus, the team work hard to ensure that the process as sustainable as possible and all packaging is recyclable and responsibly sourced.

Rachael says: “While many of our customers (and home improvers in general) prefer to stick to a classic feature wall to add a bit of colour, we’re seeing an increasing number of clients trying colour combinations that are totally out of the box – which is something we love to see. 

“We’ve been blown away with people’s visions and creativity. I think this trend is a response to the weird time we’re all in and people’s need for change and vibrancy.

“For example, the lovely Richard of HouseHomo fame is definitely a leader in the ‘more is more’ movement and the reigning king of colour clashing in the best way. He’s a brilliant person to follow to get some inspiration.”

For anyone who likes the idea of trying something new with their home’s paintwork, these colour combinations are not only some of Rachael’s favourites but combinations she’s seen used by customers who have succeeded in making an impact. 

Below, Rachael talks through which colours to use together and why they complement each other. Plus, which rooms to try them in.

  • Roman Green and Sangria Pink

    Teal green and light pink paint colours
    Pickleson Paint: Roman Green and Sangria Pink

    “Green and pink may seem an obvious choice but that’s only because we’ve started to see it all over the place over the last few months. 

    “This can be done in so many ways by playing with the shades of each colour and it can create some stunning looking spaces. It’s bright, modern and welcoming and can add a lot of colour to a space without going overboard.”

See the look in action:

Ola Zwolenik, of Instagram acount This Time In Colour, uses pale pink next to teal green for an impactful, retro look. We love that her beautiful mid-century side table sits within the green colour block, as does her leafy friend. 

Note: this example does not feature Pickleson Paint paints.

  • Naughty Peach and Roman Green

    Peachy pink and teal green
    Pickleson Paint: Naughty Peach and Roman Green

    “Here’s where we step it up a notch. This combination is punchy, but actually both colours compliment each other really well. 

    “It’s tropical and it’s sexy. These colours work beautifully on their own but together they’re a powerhouse!”

  • Cicchetti Yellow and Tequila Green

    Mustard yellow and teal green together
    Pickleson Paint: Cicchetti Yellow and Tequila Green

    “We picture this combination in a bright period kitchen with brass accents everywhere.

    “This could be ramped up or toned down by playing around with the darkness of both colours but regardless, it really works. It’s deep and elegant and we love it.”

See the look in action:

Paolo D’Agostino Bowe of Instagram account Mr Goldhouse shows how a rich yellow hue can look dynamite next to a deep green. As Rachael says, this combo does look fantastic in a kitchen.

Note: this example does not feature Pickleson Paint paints.

  • Aegean Sage, Naughty Peach and Ortigia Nude

    Pink, peach and green paints
    Pickleson Paint: Aegean Sage, Naughty Peach and Ortigia Nude

    “This ménage à trois is a match made in heaven. The sage green is the muted, calming anchor which grounds and compliments the bold punchiness of the peachy tones. This is spring in a room.”

  • Tequila Green, Sangria Pink and Oyster Red

    Trio of paint colours for walls
    Pickleson Paint: Tequila Green, Sangria Pink and Oyster Red

    “This is just three out of the many colours that HouseHomo used for his Dining Room project and I think these three work particularly well together. 

    “If you’re aiming for the ‘poolside cocktails in Miami’ look, this is your colour way.”

See the look in action:

Richard is the king of colour and while his dining room walls are definitely busy, his expert picking of colours means that this formation feels harmonious. 

Images: House Homo / Pickleson Paint

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