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Edwardian home renovation: “How I themed my decor completely around the colour blue”

This week’s renovation sees Angie Barron of Something Blue Home transform her Edwardian home with bold colours and experimental techniques.

Colour lovers rejoice, because we think this week’s renovation will be all of your wildest dreams realised. 

You see, Angie Barron isn’t just au fait with using bold hues and rich shades, she has themed her entire renovation around it. As an interiors stylist and art director, Angie says that colour is an incredibly important tool for her and was a must when designing her own home.

“I have a penchant for bold and brightly-coloured interiors,” Angie tells “I love sharing my enthusiasm for the colour blue and my interior experiments over on my blog, Something Blue Home, and on my Instagram account.”

“I knew I wanted a project. I was looking for a period property with character and somewhere that I could transform with my own design ideas,” she explains.

Angie also says she likes to prioritise sustainability and so it was important to her that the house she chose definitely needed a re-vamp. She didn’t want to rip out anything that had been recently put in.

Thankfully, though, she found the perfect place in a 1901 semi-detached Edwardian property. 

“It wasn’t in bad condition when we bought it, it was just very bland with lots of magnolia walls. The bones were there but it just needed a little bit of imagination and love,” she says.

What was your biggest source of inspiration when renovating?

“I’m deeply inspired by homes that use colour in a really bold and unique way. My favourite colour is blue and I wanted to hone in on that and go wild. I treat my home a little bit like a laboratory. I love testing and trialling out whacky ideas that I have in my head and see how they turn out. It’s also a great way to pitch unconventional and bold ways of decorating to my clients.

“The yellow banister is an example of this and has turned out to be one of my most commented-on features and has had considerable re-shares on Instagram. I tend not to follow trends, I just decorate by following my gut and imagining how I want the space to feel. 

“Overall, I would say my style is eclectic. It mixes the house’s Edwardian period heritage with bold colour, original artwork and modern-traditional styling.” 


Is there a DIY hack you’re most proud of?

“I have to say our IKEA KALLAX unit. It was left here by the previous owners and rather than get rid of it, my plan was to turn it into something more stylish and impactful. 

“If you have any odd furniture knocking around, especially pieces that have a laminate finish, you can pretty much paint it with any colour you like using Zinsser BIN Primer. It’s great, I use it on everything!”


Which part of your renovation was the biggest challenge?

“We had a period when we were having difficulties with our builder. He stopped turning up to the job, stopped answering our calls and would not reply to any messages. It was awful. We had a period of about three months when we were left without a working kitchen, a massive hole in the lounge and no idea what was happening.

“Plus, he had taken money for work that hadn’t been done. It was just so stressful and we didn’t really need all that kind of stress. In the end, we ended up hiring a new builder to complete the work that was left. My advice is to go with personal recommendations, really research and find builders that have been personally recommended by family and friends where possible. 

“Also, don’t always go with the cheapest quote, especially if there is one that seems way cheaper than the rest. Go with your gut and instinct. I never had a good feeling about our initial builder and turns out I was right!”


Which is your favourite room and why?

“Our blue-paneled room dining room. It feels very grand but yet laid-back enough to relax in.

“We have a 125-year-old piano and a formal dining table which folds down completely when it’s not being used. It doubles up as a music room, dining room, and even a games room sometimes. The curved sofa is a bespoke piece and I love its sleekness and how the smooth velvet pops against the very dark matte blue walls. I like to blend different styles as I feel this is what makes a house a home and gives it character.”

Angie’s favourite interiors follows:

  • One Off To 25

    “Jaz’s home is a delicious feast for a dark interiors lover, with an eclectic dose of artwork and styling. 

    “I love how effortless and unique her style is. Just divine. Jaz also has her own curated online art shop where she sells one offs and limited edition prints.

  • Home Ec

    “This is one of my favourite accounts on Instagram because I love her bold, daring use of of colour and her take on maximalist styling with art. 

    “I’ve discovered so many amazing artists and designers through her Instagram page and she has coined her own hashtag of #artfowardinteriors.”

  • Simin

    “I love how Simin mixes colours, pattern and DIY vintage pieces in her home. 

    “Her kitchen and guest bedrooms captivating. She also shares great tips over on my blog about how to find the best Ebay deals for your home.”

Angie’s go-to homeware brands

  • La Redoute

    “They have wonderful, well made pieces at really affordable prices.”

  • Soho Home

    “Its handcrafted, unique pieces feel luxurious but relaxed and lived-in.”

  • Beaumonde UK

    “This is a great place to pick up smaller homeware items and styling pieces.”

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Images: Something Blue Home