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Tufted home accessories are the textured interiors trend we’re seeing everywhere

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Tufted home accessories

Tufting is the painstaking process which indie makers are loving right now to create textured, eye-catching home accessories that will give your home an on-trend feel.

If you’ve been seeing kind of fluffy, highly texturised, slightly shaggy rugs, mirrors and home accessories all over Instagram recently, then you’ve fallen into a tuft hole. 

Tufting may be an ancient art, used for generations to create warm clothes, blankets and floor coverings from thread, but in 2021 this practice has received a colourful update and is being taken up by small brands all over the country. 

To explain the process: tufting uses a special gun to push thick thread through a heavily backed piece of material, forcing loops of the thread onto one side where they gather in thick tufts. Watching tufting is actually quite mesmerising; we like Insider’s video as an example of how it works. 

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Different coloured threads can be used and patterns can be created, which is how talented tufting artists create rugs with interesting designs – the likes of which are becoming increasingly popular. 

Francesca Davies is the founder of Pixie Divine, a small, Instagram-based business specialising in on-trend homewares such as candles, hand-punched and tufted pieces. 

Speaking to, Francesca explains that her process is completely handmade as she punches each thread herself instead of using a tufting gun. In fact, pieces can take eight hours to make, which is an incredible achievement. 

“The great thing about tufting rugs and mirrors is that you can really inject your own individuality and personality into each piece. Even if someone were to do a similar style, it would never be quite the same and that’s the beauty of it,” Francesca says of the trend.

Speaking of her influences, Francesca cites the 70s as a source of inspiration: “I tend to draw my inspiration from current fashion trends that I am enjoying at the time. 

“At present it is heavily influenced by the 70s; the rippled lines, the earthy tones and the funky fonts! Currently I am working on a collection of mirrors that focus on the beauty of the person looking directly in the mirror.”

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“I love that this trend allows each maker to be unique, add a fluffy flair to people’s homes and that it’s limitless in terms of creativity. I am very expressive with some of the words I like to use in my tufted work but I equally like to tuft pictures of aliens and hearts… for balance!”

Francesca says that she’s seen a brilliant response to her pieces so far and is excited to release her next collection on 25 April at the online South London Makers Market.

If you’re as wild for the trend as we are, here are the indie makers making waves in the world of tufting right now, with designs that both nod to the trend and fully embrace it.

  • Pixie Divine

    Who? Pixie Divine was founded by the wonderful Francesca Davies, who is based in London.

    Best for? The non-fainthearted. Pixie Divine pieces are fiercely feminist, witty, loud and very, very cool. Think playful slogans and a 70s aesthetic. 

    How much? Tufted pieces start at £35.

    Where can I get one? The next drop will be 25 April at the online South London Makers Market

  • Anna Spurling

    Who? Anna Spurling is the founder and one-woman-band behind her eponymous brand which is based in Colchester, Essex.

    Best for? A nod to the tufting trend. Anna’s colourful cushions feature accent tufting without being completely covered.

    How much? Cushions are priced at £60.

    Where can I get one? Anna has a well-stocked Etsy shop.

  • Ellen Tufts Studio

    Who? Ellen Russell lives in Margate and is currently balancing working on her textile design degree with running her store, Ellen Tufts Studio.

    Best for? Warm colours, an artistic feel and whimsical designs. 

    How much? Message Ellen to discuss your commission. 

    Where can I get one? Through Ellen’s Instagram page.

  • Charlen Studio

    Who? Charlen is owned by Charlène, a Parisian textile designer who is all kinds of chic. 

    Best for? Minimalism. Thought tufted had to play into the art teacher aesthetic? Nope. Charlen is all about a neat, flat tuft in muted tones.

    How much? Rugs are priced from £35.

    Where can I get one? Check out the Charlen website, although most things are out of stock currently.

  • Al's Place

    Who? Alice Kelly is a tufting artist based in the north-west of England and founder of Al’s Place.

    Best for? Pastels and playful colour clashes. 

    How much? Mirrors start at £250.

    Where can I get one? Al’s Place has its own website.

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Images: Al’s Place / Pixie Divine


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