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4 ways flowers can breathe new life into your interiors this season

Want to freshen up your space for springtime? Here’s how some well-chosen blooms can help you do the job…

Bright, colourful and relatively inexpensive, flowers are the unsung heroes of interior design.

From ornate arrangements to little pops of accent detail, adding some florals into your space is an easy way to elevate your aesthetic, without having to embark upon a full redecoration project.

But if you don’t know your yarrow from your freesias or wouldn’t know where to begin with styling an arrangement, never fear – we’ve spoken to an expert to help you through the basics.

Here are our top four tips on how to incorporate more flowers into your interiors…

  • 1. Mix and contrast

    Flowers are a sure-fire way to make your rooms more visually interesting – particularly if you try to incorporate points of contrast within your arrangements.

    For example, try breaking up sight lines within a room by placing bunches of differing heights within the same space or by mixing up your blooms within a single arrangement.

    “The most interesting arrangements often use an asymmetric approach, using a variety of stems cut at different lengths,” explains Chanel de Kock, UK country manager at floral inspiration website funnyhowflowersdothat.

    “Try combining yarrow and oxtail daisies for pretty texture, and then add clashes of bold colour with sweeping freesias, alstroemerias and a few long stems of allium to elongate the bunch.”

    Mixing up your vases can also add a sense of playfulness to your space.

    “Try combining different materials in grouped arrangements,” suggests Chanel. “Contrast pastel ceramics and coloured glass with plastic, rattan and even granite, for striking results.”

    If you’re more of a house plant kind of person, make sure you go big.

    “To add personality to a room, choose planters with bold patterns and prints,” says Chanel. 

    “There are so many interesting voluminous plant pots available at the moment, particularly in softer shades that really help to add contrast and really show off your plant.”

  • 2. Experiment with colour

    If you’ve ever read about an apparent colour trend and thought, “Nice, but do I want to commit to hot pink walls?”, flowers are the perfect vehicle via which to do a bit of experimenting.

    Take for example, periwinkle – 2022’s Pantone colour of the year. It’s a lovely soothing colour and while it might be a bit much for a new set of curtains, it’s the perfect shade to work into a floral arrangement.

    “If you want to add a pop of purple to your displays try campanula,” suggests Chanel.

    “A ball-shaped plant full of delicate purple flowers, they’re great space-fillers and add texture when used next to or in between contrasting large foliage plants.”

    “You could also try placing tall alliums in your arrangements, while bougainvillea are also available in shades of purple and make for a good house plant – they enjoy a sunny spot and will bring a nice Mediterranean vibe to your space.”

  • 3. Think about fragrance

    Flowers can do more for your interiors than providing a pop of colour – a bloom with a well-chosen fragrance can completely transform the general feel of your space.

    “In a bathroom, for example, you can spark surprising moments of joy by selecting colourful flowers with potent scents,” explains Chanel.

    “Freesias are well known for their fresh, pleasing fragrance, as is yarrow. Then in the kitchen, a cheerful yellow broom plant can help tackle lingering cooking smells.”

    When it comes to choosing something for the bedroom, an air-purifying houseplant is a better bet than a highly fragrant flower.

    With its big heart-shaped leaves the sturdy scindapsus is an eye-catching choice, while its oxygen-boosting qualities will make it easier for you to drop off to sleep.

  • 4. Create a tablescape

    Whether you’re hosting a special dinner or just want to make a decorative focal point out of your table, a floral tablescape will transform your dining space into a genuine showstopper.

    “​​The petite size of campanula and fluttery leaves of oxalis are great to use as the base of the table centrepiece,” suggests Chanel.

    “Then continue to dot the rest of the table with a mix of summer flowers in a variety of bright colours. Use a mix of small informal vases and bottles of different heights, to add interest.

    “Extra height can also be created by adding long single allium stems, so they sit just above eye level.”

    Complement your flowers with some colourful candles – brands like Hay and Anna & Nina are great for these – to complete a vibrant, eye-catching tablescape.

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