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4 easy ways to introduce more colour into your home without redecorating

Working with colour is key to making the most of your interiors – here’s everything you need to know to get started…

While we’re not against a lovely neutral scheme, the introduction of some well-judged colour is one of the easiest ways to inject a little personality into your space.

However, understanding how to use colour in your interiors can be complicated, from knowing which shades will work well together, to establishing what different kinds of light will do to their look and feel.

Then there’s the hassle of actually redecorating – if you’re just starting to experiment with a colour scheme, you might not want to dive in headfirst by repainting the walls. And if you’re renting, you might not be able to anyway.

With that in mind, we spoke to a host of interiors experts, to help explain how best to use colour in your home, without having to do a full overhaul of your current look…

1. Make a plan

neutral living room
colourful living room

As with most interiors projects, the first step towards a more colourful home is to think through the effect you want to achieve and make a plan.

“Colour is never seen in isolation, so bring all your colours together with a mood board,” suggests Sam Bramley, colour specialist at Lick Home.

“Fabric, textures, materials and paint samples can all be utilised to inspire colourways.”

“Then there’s the 60-30-10 rule, which is a great tool to create a colour palette,” she continues. “Put simply, it’s the idea that 60% of the room should represent a dominant colour, 30% should use a secondary colour and the last 10% should feature an accent colour.”

If that still sounds a little daunting, then consulting the standard colour wheel can help you figure out which colours might work well together.

“Pairing colours from opposing sides of the colour wheel will really make an impact and give your room the wow factor,” explains Helen Ashmore, head of design at Laura Ashley.

“A cool tone against a warm one provides a striking contrast and is perfect for a space lacking in dimension.

For example, pairing a blue and yellow might not seem appealing, but it’s all about the hues of the colour combination you use – a dark blue paired with gold accessories will creates a rich and luxurious look.”

2. Accessorise, accessorise, accessorise

Neutral lounge
Colourful lounge

Once you have your plan in place, the easiest way to put it into action is to start choosing soft furnishings in those specific colours.

“Switching out cushions, throws, curtains and bed linen allows maximum impact for minimal effort,” agrees Helen Ashmore.

“Try to avoid buying a collection of items that you admire individually, and instead, always think about how these accessories will work together in a room with your existing pieces and colour scheme.”

Your accessories can play the role of the accent colour mentioned in the 60-30-10 rule, so don’t be afraid to be bold with scatter cushions, especially if your furniture is a little more sober.

The same rules apply for your walls – if you’re working with a big, neutral space, a carefully chosen piece of art or accessory can provide a welcome pop of colour.

Samsung’s The Frame TV, for example, is the perfect piece of tech for this very purpose, with a selection of detachable bezels available to purchase in a choice of 40 different colours.

With a wide range of artworks to display on-screen when the unit is on standby*, you can ensure that your space retains a colourful edge, whether you’re watching something or not.

3. Bring the outside in

Neutral Dining Room
Colourful dining room

While there’s lots to be achieved with paints and fabrics, don’t underestimate the power of plants and flowers when it comes to introducing a bright burst of colour into your room.

However, as with all elements of interior design, there are a few key rules to bear in mind when choosing which blooms to go with.

“Try to stick to one colour palette in the same room,” advises Anna Eklöv, floral designer and founder of online florist LOV Flowers.

“If you’re using a dark, cool mauve colour in one corner, then choose a lighter shade of that colour on the other side of the room, such as antique or light pink. Don’t choose all your flowers in dark colours as this will darken the room overall.”

“Also, play with the heights of your flowers. Place tall and elegant flowers such as calla lilies on a sideboard or corner table, then position a shorter, fuller vase of flowers in the middle of the room. The effect will combine to make the room look well designed.”

Looking for a single statement piece? Turn to the flouncy puff of a hydrangea.

“Hydrangeas are in season during the autumn,” says Eklöv. “Choose four or five large ones, then add a couple of tall wild oak leaf branches in dusted white or burgundy red.

“The contrast between the dark purple and the frosty white creates a stunning effect.”

4. Check your compass

Neutral bedroom
Colourful Bedroom

Whenever you’re pondering a colour scheme for a certain room, remember to consider which way it faces.

The kind of light your room receives will have a massive effect on how certain colours look to the eye, so get your compass out and then choose accordingly.

“For north-facing rooms where the light is cooler, opt for warmer shades like pink, gold and yellow tones,” advises Katie Thomas, founder of interior design company KTM Design.

“You can either use the full colour, or make sure they’re present as undertones within other colours, such as a green with a yellow undertone.”

“Any colour works well in a south-facing room, although cool shades balance the intensity of sunlight.”

When it comes to east and west-facing rooms, you get both of those types of light, so you’ll need to consider how you’ll be using the space to work out what will work best.

Light in west-facing spaces is cooler in the morning and brighter in the afternoon, while the opposite is true for east-facing rooms.

If it’s a bedroom we’re talking about, try cool shades if it’s east-facing and warm shades if it faces west – think about waking up there on your weekend mornings and plan accordingly.

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Art Credits: Uffe Buchard & Chris Calmer, Berenice Hernandez at Paper Collective

Samsung The Frame TV