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These are the 10 most popular interior trends on Pinterest right now

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Revamp your space or just take inspiration from Pinterest’s biggest trends for autumn…

When it comes to finding the perfect decor inspiration, Pinterest never disappoints. And, according to home building company Miller Homes, there are some clear autumn/winter trends that regular Pinterest users are returning to this year. 

Coming out on top is Japandi which combines the tranquillity of classic Japanese interiors with the simplicity of the Scandinavian aesthetic.

“Japandi entered most of our vocabularies for the first time this year, and royalcore accelerated into the spotlight after the premiere of Bridgerton on Netflix – and hasn’t gone anywhere since,” says Suzanne Thomas, creative sales director at Blocc Interiors, one of Miller Homes’ interior design partners.

There’s no better time to revamp your home than when you’re spending more days huddled up at home. While not everyone will be remodelling their space for the new seasons, the latest trends can feed your creativity.

Here, we break down the top 10 interior ideas that are trending right now.

  • Japandi

    People are obsessing over the idea of mixing minimalist concepts from Japan and Scandinavia. Japandi brings together the philosophies of both cultures: Japanese wabi-sabi, which centres around the idea of imperfection, and the Danish hygge, based on creating a joyful and cosy atmosphere. Combining the two means focusing on neutral colours and clean lines to create a bright open space. 

  • Black kitchens

    Out of context, a black kitchen might sound horrific, but the unlikely trend has turned out to be quite sophisticated. Not only are dark cabinets, floors and kitchen islands timeless, but they can instantly offer a luxurious feel when done right. The key is not to think about black as one limiting colour; instead embrace matte or shiny finishes, different materials (such marble and stainless steel) and, of course, shades (think midnight, onyx, graphite, or jet black). 

  • Sunset lamps

    As you may have guessed from its name, sunset lamps give a room a spectacular orange tinge reminiscent of ‘golden hour’. Not only do they offer an extra layer of ambience during the colder months, but they can also help people who wake up on darker mornings. You’ll be blessed with the soothing rise of the sun no matter what time of year it is.

  • Pink bedrooms

    Pink is back with a vengeance this year. Some are filling up their entire rooms with rosy hues while others are strategically thinking of ways to infuse the colour with their current aesthetic. Consequently, nothing is off limits. Walls, bedding,  curtains and rugs are all valid options. Pinterest users are particularly drawn to Moroccan-style pink rooms, with varied shades of pink. 

  • Bendy candles

    Fun shaped candles have been having their moment for a while now. Over the past few years, torso-shaped candles have been of particular interest, but twisty candles seem to be sparking joy this autumn. Part of the craze comes from the fact they’re quite easy to recreate at home, while videos on the TikTok hashtag #BendyCandle have been watched more than 10 million times.

  • Royalcore

    We have Bridgerton to thank for royalcore. Despite this trend blowing up earlier in the year when the show appeared on Netflix, it seems it’s here to stay. People are hunting for four-poster beds, floral wallpaper, gold accents and deep, rich jewel tones to recreate the opulent feel associated with western European royalty. Charity and vintage shops often have some of the items needed to get going such as Venetian hand mirrors, Persian rugs, upholstered headboards, and embroidered cushion covers. 

  • Pampas grass

    The type of person who has been obsessing over the Japandi aesthetic over the past year is probably also drooling over pampas grass. The fluffy wheat-like ornament offers more texture than the average houseplant. While it often comes in natural brown colours, online marketplaces such as Etsy usually have multi-coloured options for those looking to be a little more adventurous with their decor.

  • Green kitchens

    There’s a green for every person, whether that’s olive, sage, apple or emerald-toned. Green accents can transform a kitchen into a place of peace and harmony and softer options are said to help with anxiety and stress. Even better yet, it complements many of the typical ‘kitchen colours’, such as whites, beige and greys.

  • Mushroomcore

    The mushroom trend is an offshoot of cottagecore, which has been growing in popularity over the last two years. Mushrooms are even creeping onto the red carpet, as seen by Timothée Chalamet, who wore a custom Stella McCartney mushroom-themed suit at a Dune photocall last month.. But, appetite seems to be specifically for furniture and decor, including lamps, wall-hangings and toadstools. 

  • Cottagecore

    Cottagecore rose to fame at the start of the pandemic, but interest in the aesthetic hasn’t yet wavered. City-dwellers and country bumpkins alike are making their homes into nature-filled environments. Staples include linen napkins and tablecloths, wild flowers, open fires, reclaimed furniture and pumpkins in the autumn.

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