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This dreamy Instagram account proves no one does cosy interiors like Nora Ephron

This Instagram account showcasing all things Nora Ephron-related is the ode to cosy interiors that we never knew we needed. Prepare to discover your new favourite corner of the internet.

Nora Ephron Interiors is the Instagram stan account we never knew we needed but now can’t live without. Celebrating and cataloguing the very best interior snaps from some of the most beloved movies that Ephron wrote, be prepared for 00s nostalgia, lots of pine furniture and envious levels of cosiness. 

Almost like a cuter alternative to Accidentally Wes Anderson, this account is a homage to Ephron’s screenwriting prowess and the possibly unintentional interior inspiration it’s providing us today.

Focusing on everything from floating shelves in When Harry Met Sally to the kitchen lamp as an “underrated power move” in You’ve Got Mail, be prepared to have a good scroll of the Instagram everyone should be obsessed with at the moment. 

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“A good roll arm chair” is precisely the thing we’re after now, thanks to this post. Making its appearance in many Ephron films, but notably here in When Harry Met Sally, this style of armchair is calling out to be put into a reading nook or to be lounged on for a lazy weekend.

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There’s something about pastel yellow walls and copper pans, and a wall of the very best ones that is calling our name here. This still from the movie Julie & Julia really is helping us live out our cottagecore kitchen dreams.

Ladder-back chairs may have cropped up in many a movie in the 90s but this classic style of dining chair is one we can get behind today. Simple, sturdy back support – what more could you possibly want from a dining chair?

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While pink bathroom tiles may not be everyone’s cup of tea, Meryl Streep and Stanley Tucci very easily persuade us here that they kind of actually work. Giving subtle Wes Anderson vibes, this bathroom really is the stuff of vintage dreams.

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Yes, this quilt cover may be the thing of your grandmother’s dreams but there’s no denying how homely and cosy it looks. Tapestry or patterned quilts are an easy way to jazz up your bedroom and we’re keen to recreate anything iconic from When Harry Met Sally, to be honest.

Perhaps a touch too much pine here, but the bookshelves, desk and comfy open living room set-up is making us feel all warm inside. Clearly, this still from You’ve Got Mail shows that the set designers weren’t afraid of soft furnishings but we’re a fan of over-the-top levels of cushioned comfort anyway.

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If cottagecore could be contained in one picture, perhaps this still from Hanging Up would be a top contender. Plush leather sofas, Spanish tiles, exposed brick and a fireplace? This is ticking all of the interior inspiration boxes.

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