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Pink kitchens are the Instagram trend we’re all obsessed with. Here’s how to create the look yourself.

When it comes to interior design there are also two simple words which, when put together, make us unashamedly excited: pink kitchens.

Yes, millennial pink has been a floating trend for years but we’re here to tell you we’re still not over it – not one bit. 

In fact, our love of this rosy hue is only intensified when used in a kitchen. Whether it’s a bold and bright style with shades of fuchsia and hot pink, cool and understated with muted mauve or sickly sweet with pastel accessories; we think a statement kitchen sets the tone for a fabulous home.

We’re pretty sure you agree, too. We’ve seen pink kitchens going wild on Instagram with accounts dedicated to pink interior style getting more love than ever. 

Below you’ll find five of our favourite pink kitchen inspiration photos, as well as tips on how to get the look with similar accessories or furnishings. 

  • Pale pink curtains

    We love so much of what’s going on in this picture, posted by Apartment Therapy on behalf of the kitchen’s owner.

    The pale pink tone used on the cupboards is perfect for a calm, relaxing setting that still makes a statement in its own way. The neutral walls and flooring complement this, keeping the space low key. Well, as low key as a pink kitchen can be. 

    It’s the little details that make it special for us. We know that metallic touches can give an interior design concept an edge and here they make all the difference, particularly the rose gold lights and tap.

    The light pink curtains are the final flourish and an inspired idea. Curtains aren’t always a must-have for a kitchen but here it completes the look. 

  • Get the look

    Anthropologie has a gorgeous range of curtains and if you’re trying to recreate the look of the kitchen above, this pale pink pair are just the ticket.

    You’ll notice that the colour is especially delicate. This is due to the way the fabric has been dyed using only natural colours, extracted from flower petals, plants, and roots. 

    No added chemicals have been used to create this whimsical hue and we think the handcrafted element makes them extra special.

    Shop flower-dyed Alisha curtains at Anthropologie, from £178

  • Pink Berber-style rug

    Kelly Mindell of Studio DIY is a brilliant person to follow if you love colourful home renovation. Her home is full of interesting decor trends and daring furnishing moves, so we can promise she will deliver you inspiration by the bucket full.

    We adore her quirky kitchen which features some of our favourite decor touches such as trailing plants, a farmhouse sink and metro wall tiles.

    Here, another soft furnishing has given this kitchen the finishing touch but instead of hanging from the wall, it’s lying on the floor. Behold, the pink Berber rug. 

    Berber rugs are inspired by Moroccan heritage, a theme that has been taking off in the interior world recently and it looks gorgeous here.

  • Get the look

    This peachy rug has a shaggy texture which will add depth to your kitchen’s style.

    We love the mix of dark and lighter tones, making for an interesting, eye-catching look, not typically used in this part of the home.

    This rug comes in one size which is 80cm x 150cm and has speedy delivery.

    Shop shaggy rug gobi rose at Benuta, £63.95

  • Shell chair

    If candy shades aren’t your taste, there is a way you can channel the pink kitchen trend in a more understated way, illustrated stylishly here by Eniko of My Dark Home. 

    Instead of a bright, airy vibe Eniko favours a darker palette (hence the name of her account), and has split her cupboards between a muted mauve and dramatic charcoal. 

    We love this twist on the pink kitchen trend and especially how she has made the space more sociable by adding an art deco shell chair to the corner of the room.

  • Get the look

    You’ll have no doubt seen shell-style chairs around before, but have you thought about adding one to your kitchen space?

    They tick so many trend boxes, from velvet furniture to art deco style, and make for a comfy seat to collapse into after a long day, too.

    This one from House is Isabella can be delivered the next day which is a win if you’re keen to get your kitchen looking fabulous. We also love those metallic chair legs.

    Shop deco pink chair by Maison at House is Isabella, £239

  • Herringbone Tiles

    As much as the finishing touches are important, there are two main factors when creating a pink kitchen and that’s tiling and cupboards.

    These crucial components are the essence of the kitchen, so if you really want to go pink, deciding on these features is your starting point. And when it comes to tiles, we think there’s nothing more stylish than herringbone. 

    Herringbone is a technique of laying rectangular tiles in a v shape so that they replicate the skeleton of a herring fish. You’ll have probably noticed this pattern before in wooden flooring or even used in clothing. 

    This look is everywhere at the moment and looks particularly good when using a statement tile, which in this example is pink.

  • Get the look

    These ceramic tiles are rectangular, so if you love the colour and not the pattern, you could still lay them in a metro tile style.

    They combine a hand-crafted feel with a gleaming sheen that evokes traditional glazed ceramics for a polished, professional aesthetic. 

    Shop carter ceramic rose at Artisan of Devizes, £1.62

  • Pink kitchen utensils and accessories

    It’s not always possible to, you know, renovate your entire kitchen to incorporate pink on a whim but the good news is that sometimes adding rosy accessories is enough. 

    Take the picture above for example, posted by pastel enthusiast Nurrul Atika. This kitchen shot undeniably exudes pinkness, but if you look closely neither the walls, tiles or cupboards are actually pink. Instead, she has simply styled the space with cute appliances, utensils and accessories and it looks amazing.

    From the hand towels and draining rack to a pastel blender and pink pans, buying smaller items can help create an overall concept to tick off the trend.

  • Get the look: Le Creuset set

    If you’re looking for pink kitchenware Le Creuset has a gorgeous selection in its ‘shell pink’ range.

    Although some of it is on the pricier side, Le Creuset does have almost everything you could want for your kitchen with a range that stretches across cooking, baking, dining and kitchen essentials.

    Shop stoneware tea set at Le Creuset, from £53

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