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These plant and gardening subscription boxes are perfect for anyone in need of their own green oasis.

Updated on 21 October: From big statement plants that look fantastic on Instagram, to growing fruit and veg indoors, to the multitude of health benefits that come hand-in-hand with looking after plants at home, there’s a lot to be said for wearing that ‘crazy plant lady’ badge with pride.

But, when it comes to choosing which plants to decorate our homes and gardens with, we often find ourselves spoiled for choice – and we can’t take them all home. Not always, anyway. Which is why we’re more than happy to put our gardening dreams in the hands of… well, in the hands of the experts.

That’s right: these plant and gardening subscription services are here to ensure you get your leafy kicks each month. 

And, better still, your plants will be delivered right to your door, with plenty of handy tips and advice on how to (ahem) keep them alive, too.

Barry’s Cactus Club

If all your plants have a nasty habit of dying on you (hey, it happens!), then Barry’s Cactus Club could be the answer to your woes. In each delivery, you’ll receive a mini cactus or succulent to add to your prickly collection, as well as a beautiful pot and a collector’s card for each plant with facts and care instructions. Plus, they throw in all sorts of extras, too!

Prices start at £15. Visit Barry’s Cactus Club to learn more.

Seed Pantry

If you like the idea of growing your own plants from scratch, the Seed Pantry is guaranteed to get your green-fingers twitching. Each monthly box is packed with all the tools you need to grow your own flowers, food, or both, and every seed is carefully selected per season for best growth results. Throw in all the expert advice that comes in their handy ‘How To Grow’ guides, and you’re guaranteed to become a gardening guru in not time.

Prices start at £12.99. Visit Seed Pantry to learn more.

Plant Pet Club

As reported on 28 August: Grow your indoor jungle one plant at a time with this pet-friendly (aka non-toxic) plant subscription services.

“To start, we’ll send you hard-to-kill plants. Then as we build your confidence, we’ll slowly introduce you to more exotic species,” promises the Plant Pet Club’s website.

You can tailor your subscription to suit you and your needs, too: you can either opt to receive one plant a month in a designer pot, or two ‘naked’ plants if you prefer to source your own pots. Perfect, huh?

Prices start at £30 a month. Find out more here.


As reported on 17 July: fancy receiving a surprise low-maintenance houseplant each month (or every quarter, depending on your preference)? Better still, do you fancy receiving a surprise low-maintenance houseplant each month that comes with its very own – and very gorgeous – ceramic pot? Then Bloombox’s subscription service is definitely for you!

Prices start at £35 a month. Find out more here.

Lazy Flora

Lazy Flora offers a monthly delivery service tailored to you, which means you can decide whether you fancy receiving indoor or outdoor plants – or even a combination of the two. And animal lovers needn’t fear, either: there are plenty of pet-friendly options available, too.

Prices start from £15 a month. Find out more here.

Romeo & Succulent

If you sign up to Romeo & Succulent’s subscription service, each month will see a unique cactus or succulent species – complete with a stylish pot to match – delivered to your door in plastic-free packaging.

Prices start from £20 a month. Find out more here.

Canopy Plants

Canopy Plants truly has something to suit all budgets, even offering a shoestring subscription for those plant lovers on a tight budget.

Prices start from £10 a month. Find out more here.

Leaf Envy

Leaf Envy makes plant parenthood easier than ever, delivering one surprise plant (with or without a pot, depending on which service you select) to your door every month, two months, or three months.

Prices start at £20 a month (although discounts are available for those who prepay). Find out more here.

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