Indoor plant pots: 9 novelty designs that’ll add a pop of personality to any room

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Forget simple colour schemes and minimalist shapes: these novelty pots are designed to give your houseplants a quirky edge. 

It’s no secret that houseplants are the perfect way to add a bit of life to a home. Whether you’re short on space or looking for a plant that’s easy to care for, there really is something for everyone. 

In the same way, picking the perfect plant pot to house your new leafy friend couldn’t be easier; as houseplants have grown in popularity, so too has the variety of plant pots on offer.

From classic ceramics to raised planters, the pots we use to display our plants are yet another way to add a splash of character to our interiors – and that’s what makes selecting them so fun.

If you can think of a design, chances are someone has made it – from cute animals to elegant faces, the days when pots were designed simply for functionality are long gone. 

With that in mind, we hunted down some of the best novelty plant pot designs out there. From faces to giraffes, these planters take their shape inspiration from the most unexpected of places – and they’re absolutely fantastic.

  • Pluto Handmade Concrete Planter

    Pluto Handmade Concrete Planter from Copper Dust London, £14.99.
    Best novelty plant pots: Pluto Handmade Concrete Planter from Copper Dust London, £14.99.

    We’re in love with the bright colour and geometric design of this concrete planter from Ghanaian-based duo Crete & Co.

    Handmade using ethically sourced materials and resources often found on building sites in Ghana, this pot is the perfect size for displaying a brand new succulent.

    Shop Pluto Handmade Concrete Planter by Crete & Co. at Copper Dust London, £14.99 

  • Abstract Face Plant Pot

    Abstract Face Plant Pot from Rose & Grey, £26.
    Best novelty plant pots: Abstract Face Plant Pot from Rose & Grey, £26.

    This abstract face plant pot from Rose & Grey is a great way to add a subtle pop of personality to your home.

    The abstract design, top heavy shape and glazed exterior make this pot the perfect home for a small cacti or succulent. 

    Shop Abstract Face Plant Pot at Rose & Grey, £26

  • Pink Face Pot

    Pink Face Pot from DadaCeramics, £16.20.
    Best novelty plant pots: Pink Face Pot from DadaCeramics, £16.20.

    Whoever thought that putting faces on plant pots was a cute idea was 100% correct.

    The delicate pastel colours of this face plant pot design by DadaCeramics makes it perfect for displaying a small succulent or cactus.

    The best bit? Each pot is handmade in a ceramics atelier in the Netherlands, meaning every piece is completely unique.

    Shop Pink Face Pot at DadaCeramics on Etsy, £16.20

  • Rainbow Plant Pot

    Best novelty plant pots: Rainbow Plant Pot from Albino, £23.49.
    Best novelty plant pots: Rainbow Plant Pot from Albino, £23.49.

    Bring a splash of colour to your windowsill with this rainbow-coloured plant pot from Albino.

    Although its miniature size means it’ll only fit the smallest of succulents and cacti, it’s a cute option for someone who enjoys the brighter side of life.

    The texture of the pot also adds an edge to its rainbow appeal.

    Shop Rainbow Plant Pot at Albino on Trouva, £23.49.

  • Kinska Melena Face Pot

    Kinska Melena Face Pot from Anthropologie, £24.
    Best novelty plant pots: Kinska Melena Face Pot from Anthropologie, £24.

    Interiors inspired by the female form are all the rage at the moment, so this Melena Face Pot from Anthropologie is seriously on trend.

    Designed for Anthropologie in collaboration with Kinska, this handpainted stoneware pot is perfect for displaying plants on your desk.

    We love the red detail of the lips in contrast with the white and black tones of the pot.

    Shop Kinska Melena Face Pot at Anthropologie, £24

  • Giraffe Plant Pot

    Giraffe Plant Pot from Dunelm, £7.
    Best novelty plant pots: Giraffe Plant Pot from Dunelm, £7.

    Take a walk on the wild side with this giraffe-shaped planter from Dunelm.

    Painted in delicate pastel yellow and dotted with intricate embossed detail, this pot is ideal for displaying a trailing plant which won’t obscure the giraffe’s head, such as a string of hearts.

    Shop Giraffe Plant Pot at Dunelm, £7

  • Little Leggy Terracotta Planter

    Little Leggy Terracotta Planter from Sass And Belle, £4.50.
    Best novelty plant pots: Little Leggy Terracotta Planter from Sass & Belle, £4.50.

    This miniature planter from Sass & Belle gives a classic terracotta pot a quirky twist.

    As a result of its simple colour, this pot is bound to go with whatever interior style you’ve got going on – and thanks to the wide range of sizes Sass & Belle have on offer, you can have a little plant pot family.

    Shop Little Leggy Terracotta Planter at Sass & Belle, £4.50

  • Bubbled Plant Pot

    Bubbled Plant Pot from H&M, £17.99.
    Best novelty plant pots: Bubbled Plant Pot from H&M, £17.99.

    The eye-catching colour of this pot from H&M is just one of the things which makes us love it so much.

    Despite the fact that the pot is relatively simple in its shape, it makes up for this with it’s bubbled exterior which is sure to draw attention.

    Shop Bubbled Plant Pot at H&M, £17.99 

  • Bird Can Fox Planter

    Bird Can Fox Cat Planter from Anthropologie, £11.
    Best novelty plant pots: Bird Can Fox Cat Planter from Anthropologie, £11.

    One for the cat-obsessed plant owners out there, this planter from Anthropologie is the ideal plant pot for someone looking to mix things up.

    Thanks to its striking blue colour and gold accents, this pot will contrast nicely with the green of your leafy friend.

    Made by the Bristol-based crafter Liz Davies, this pot also comes in white. 

    Shop Bird Can Fox Cat Planter at Anthropologie, £11

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Main Image: DadaCeramics on Etsy

Images: Courtesy of brands

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