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Gifts for plant lovers: 25 of the best plant gifts to buy for Christmas 2021

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Wondering what to buy the plant lover in your life for Christmas? From a DIY terrarium kit to the must-have accessories, here’s our guide to the best plant gifts for 2021.

Thanks to the sheer number of people who turned to houseplants to get them through lockdown, chances are you’ve got a plant lover in your life to buy for this Christmas.

While, at first thought, shopping for a plant lover may seem pretty straightforward – picking them up another plant to add to their collection seems like the obvious option – there are plenty of great plant-related gifts that you can buy to mix things up, from DIY terrarium kits to propagation stations.

And just because someone’s a plant lover, doesn’t mean they need a gift directly related to their hobby, either – plant-themed prints, jewellery and edible treats are all fun ways to nod to their passion, too. 

The only problem? With so many brilliant online plant shops and independent boutiques available to buy from these days, it can be hard to know which plant gift to pick. 

So, to help you sort through all the wonderful potential gifts out there, we’ve rounded up a selection of our favourite gifts for plant lovers for Christmas 2021 – perfect for surprising your green-fingered friends.  

  • Leafage Big Mama Terrarium Kit

    Leafage Big Mama Terrarium Kit
    Best plant gifts: Leafage Big Mama Terrarium Kit.

    This DIY terrarium kit from Leafage contains everything they need to create their very own self-sustained miniature garden from home, including three tropical plants, moss and a care guide.

    Not only will they add three more plants to their collection, but they’ll also be able to get creative while getting their hands dirty, too. What’s not to love about that? 

    Shop Big Mama Terrarium Kit at Leafage, £70

  • Bloom & Wild x Sculpd House Plant and Pottery Kit

    Bloom & Wild x Sculpd House Plant and Pottery Kit
    Best plant gifts: Bloom & Wild x Sculpd House Plant and Pottery Kit.

    Give them something to do during the period between Christmas and the new year with this houseplant and pottery gift set from Bloom & Wild and Sculpd. 

    Each kit comes with everything you need to make your own plant pot, including Sculpd’s easy air-drying clay – all you need to do is pick from the five different plants on offer. 

    Shop Bloom & Wild x Sculpd House Plant and Pottery Kit at Bloom & Wild, from £45

  • Bubblegum Stuff Ltd Plant Life Support

    Bubblegum Stuff_Plant Life Support
    Bubblegum Stuff Plant Life Support

    Going away on holiday can be stressful when you’re a plant parent, but this ingenious watering gadget from Bubblegum Stuff Ltd makes life a whole lot easier. 

    Simply fill up the water bag, set up the flow and hook it into the soil and it’ll keep a plant hydrated for up to seven days. The fact that it’s incredibly adorable is an added bonus. 

    Shop Bubblegum Stuff Ltd Plant Life Support at The Drop, £12.95

  • Dyke & Dean Plant Mister

    Dyke & Dean Plant Mister
    Best plant gifts: Dyke & Dean Plant Mister.

    As stylish as it is functional, this plant mister from Dyke and Dean is proof that plant care items don’t have to be boring. 

    Perfect for boosting the humidity levels around their plants (something that’s key for keeping them happy and healthy), this mister comes in a variety of colours, including copper and gold. 

    Shop Dyke & Dean Plant Mister at The Drop, £22.50

  • Mind The Cork Planter

    Mind the Cork planter
    Best plant gifts: Mind the Cork Planter.

    This beautiful planter from Mind The Cork makes the perfect gift for a plant-loving friend looking to minimise their impact on the environment. 

    Not only does the harvesting of cork not require the trees to be cut down (maintaining wildlife diversity as a result), it is also biodegradable, renewable and recyclable, so you can buy in the knowledge that this planter is both eco-friendly and eye-catching.  

    Shop Atlas Cork Planter at Mind The Cork, £35

  • Another Studio Houseplant Care Cards

    Houseplant Care Cards by Another Studio
    Best plant gifts: Another Studio Houseplant Care Cards.

    Give the gift of happy plants with this set of houseplant care cards from Another Studio. 

    With tips ranging from the ins and outs of watering and navigating light levels to preventing root rot and identifying common problems, these cards have all the info they’ll need to grow happy plants. 

    Shop Houseplant Care Cards at Another Studio, £12.95

  • Plantsmith Houseplant Care Bundle - Mist and Tonic Set

    Plantsmith Houseplant Care Bundle - Mist and Tonic Set
    Best plant gifts: Plantsmith Houseplant Care Bundle.

    Get them ready for growing season (March to September) with Plantsmith’s Houseplant Care Bundle. Designed to help feed and protect indoor plants while they grow new leaves and flowers, this bundle consists of two products – a Fortifying Houseplant Tonic to boost and nourish growth, and a Perfecting Houseplant Care Mist to revitalise and protect. 

    It’s the ideal gift for any plant parent looking to take their plants to the next level. 

    Shop Plantsmith Houseplant Care Bundle at The Drop, £27.99

  • Patch Plants Elephant Ear Plant

    Patch Plants Elephant Ear Plant.
    Best plant gifts: Patch Plants Elephant Ear Plant.

    This eye-catching elephant ear plant from Patch Plants would make a great addition to any houseplant collection. 

    With its zebra-striped stems, huge leaves and easy-care nature, any plant lover would be happy to unwrap this baby.

    Shop Elephant Ear Plant at Patch Plants, £35

  • Haws Green Watering Can

    Haws Green Watering Can
    Haws Green Watering Can

    Every plant lover needs a good watering can, and this beautiful one from Haws ticks all the right boxes. 

    Handcrafted and built to last with a non-drip spout, the glossy sage finish on this one-pint version makes it the perfect accessory for anyone with a growing houseplant collection. 

    Shop Haws Green Watering Can at Farrar & Tanner, £27

  • The Kato Vase

    The Kato Vase from House of Kato
    Best plant gifts: The Kato Vase.

    Perfect for the plant lover who is fascinated by the growing process, the Kato vase from House Of Kato is designed to provide growers with a window into the early stages of the life of an avocado tree.

    Not only is it a great opportunity to learn more about growing, it also serves as a beautiful piece of living art – all you need to do is add an avocado seed next time you’ve got one lying around!

    Shop the Kato vase at House of Kato, £32

  • Bam Botanics String of Hearts with hand painted pot & saucer

    Bam Botanics String of Hearts with hand painted pot & saucer
    Bam Botanics String of Hearts with hand painted pot & saucer

    Pots don’t come any prettier than this hand-painted geometric number from Bam Botanics, which comes with a string of hearts plant. 

    The string of hearts’ easy-care nature makes this the perfect gift for someone looking to start a houseplant collection.

    Shop Bam Botanics String Of Hearts With Hand Painted Pot & Saucer at The Drop, £28.50

  • Canopy Plants Subscription

    Plant subscription box from Canopy Plants
    Best plant gifts: Canopy Plants Subscription.

    Give them the gift which keeps on giving with this classic plant subscription from Canopy Plants.

    The perfect option for anyone looking to grow their plant collection, the Canopy Plants subscription comes in a range of different options and frequencies, meaning you can tailor their subscription to suit your budget. 

    Shop Classic Plant Subscription at Canopy Plants, from £20.99 every month

  • Kate Sampson Houseplant Print

    Best plant gifts: Kate Sampson Houseplant Print.
    Best plant gifts: Kate Sampson Houseplant Print.

    This beautiful houseplant print from artist Kate Sampson would make a great addition to any room.

    Featuring illustrations of popular houseplants including the rubber plant, cast iron plant and devil’s ivy, this print is the perfect gift for the plant lover who seems to have everything. 

    Shop Kate Sampson Houseplant Print from Red Gate Arts at Etsy, from £25

  • Beards & Daisies Monstera Deliciosa

    Monstera Deliciosa
    Best plant gifts: Monstera Deliciosa.

    If there’s one plant every plant lover needs in their collection, it’s a swiss cheese plant (or monstera deliciosa, if you want to be fancy).

    Famed for its fenestrated leaves and bright green colour, this small plant from Beards & Daisies provides them with the opportunity to watch their leafy friend grow. 

    Shop Monstera Deliciosa at Beards & Daisies, £19

  • Prick Terracotta Pot

    Prick Terracotta Pot
    Best plant gifts: Prick Terracotta Pot.

    This classic terracotta pot from London-based plant shop Prick would look great in the corner of a desk or perched on top of a shelf.

    Whether you pick out a plant to go with the pot or leave it on its own, this is a gift which is sure to bring a smile to any plant lover’s face.

    Shop Terracotta Pot at Prick, from £11

  • Biscuiteers Cactus Letterbox Biscuits

    Biscuiteers Cactus Letterbox Biscuits
    Best plant gifts: Biscuiteers Cactus Letterbox Biscuits.

    For the plant lover that’s already got everything, these cactus and succulent biscuits from Biscuiteers are a fun and tasty twist on the plant-themed gift.

    The biscuits are lemon flavoured and come presented in a hand illustrated gift box, where they’ll remain fresh for up to three months (if they last past Christmas day, that is).

    Shop Cactus Letterbox Biscuits at Biscuiteers, £25

  • Conservatory Archives Mix Of Rare Succulents

    Rare succulents from Conservatory Archives
    Best plant gifts: Conservatory Archives Mix Of Rare Succulents.

    This unique selection of rare succulents from independent plant shop Conservatory Archives is a great place to start if you’re not sure which plants they own.

    Choose from a mix of five or eight plants and the shop will send you a curated selection of rare and eye-catching succulents for them to enjoy.

    Shop Mix Of Rare Succulents at Conservatory Archives, £30

  • The Leaf Supply Guide To Creating Your Indoor Jungle

    The Leaf Supply Guide To Creating Your Indoor Jungle.
    Best plant gifts: The Leaf Supply Guide To Creating Your Indoor Jungle.

    This book from Australian plant shop owners Lauren Camilleri and Sophia Kaplan is jam-packed with stunning photographs and useful tips to help anyone transform their home into an indoor jungle.

    Alongside being a useful source of information for any plant parent, this beautiful book would make a great addition to any coffee table.

    Shop The Leaf Supply Guide To Creating Your Indoor Jungle at Bookshop, £25

  • Leaf Envy Propagation Station

    Best plant gifts: Leaf Envy Propagation Station.
    Best plant gifts: Leaf Envy Propagation Station.

    If your green-fingered friend is interested in learning more about the growing process, they’ll love this propagation station from Leaf Envy.

    Available in white, black and pink, the kit comes with a glass test-tube for them to pop in their plant cuttings and a how-to guide with step-by-step instructions on how to propagate.  

    Shop Propagation Station at Leaf Envy, £35

  • Papaya Plants Textured Pot With Stand

    Textured Plant Pot with Stand
    Best plant gifts: Papaya Plants Textured Pot With Stand.

    The minimalist design of this textured plant pot from Papaya Plants makes it a truly versatile gift for any of the plant lovers in your life.

    Available in two different sizes, we think this would look great on the top of a shelf with a trailing plant nestled inside. 

    Shop Textured Pot With Stand at Papaya Plants, £20

  • Needle And Stem Monstera Embroidery Kit

    Monstera Embroidery Kit
    Best plant gifts: Needle And Stem Monstera Embroidery Kit.

    Keep your friends busy with this plant-themed embroidery set from Needle and Stem.

    Not only does the kit come with everything you need to create the pictured design – including a bamboo embroidery hoop and felt for finishing off the back – it also includes a design-specific guide and exclusive access to the Needle and Stem YouTube channel, which boasts a selection of tutorials and tips for getting more out of your kit. 

    Shop Monstera Embroidery Kit by Needle And Stem at Etsy, £22

  • The Terracotta Herbs Company Starter Kit

    The Terracotta Herb Company Starter Kit
    Best plant gifts: The Terracotta Herb Company Starter Kit.

    For a plant-related gift with a difference, try this adorable kit from the Terracotta Herbs Company, which comes with everything they’ll need to grow a selection of herbs for use in cooking.

    Although the kit comes with three terracotta pots, each set comes with a selection of 6 different types of herbs (basil, parsley, coriander, dill, chives and peppermint), so you can take your pick of which ones you want to grow or buy three more pots to complete your herb collection.

    Shop Terracotta Herbs Kit at The Terracotta Herbs Company, £36

  • Short Style Plant Hanger

    Short Style Plant Hanger
    Short Style Plant Hanger

    Add a new dimension to their plant collection with this unique handmade plant hanger from Sarora Knots.

    Styed against 70s macrame and designed to fit a medium sized pot, this hanger is the perfect opportunity for them to upgrade the look of one of their existing pots. 

    Shop Short Style Plant Hanger at Sarora Knots, £20

  • The Little Botanical Begonia Maculata

    Begonia Maculata
    Best plant gifts: The Little Botanical Begonia Maculata.

    Easy to care for and fantastic to look at, the begonia maculata (or polka dot begonia, as it is also known) would make a great addition to any houseplant collection.

    We love how the eye-catching polka dot detail on the leaves contrasts with their red undersides to create a look that’s suitably festive.

    Shop Begonia Maculata at The Little Botanical, £22.50

  • Mica Peet Gold Monstera Leaf Necklace

    Mica Peet Monstera Leaf Necklace.
    Best plant gifts: Mica Peet Monstera Leaf Necklace.

    Immortalise their love for all things botanical with this gold monstera leaf necklace from Mica Peet.

    Also available in both hoop and dangle earrings, we think this design would make the perfect addition to any plant lover’s jewellery collection. 

    Shop Monstera Leaf Necklace by Mica Peet at Not On The High Street, £27

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