9 tall, statement houseplants to give your living space a new lease of life

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If you thought the houseplant trend was going away anytime soon, it’s time to think again: in 2020, our leafy friends have gone supersized. Here’s our pick of the best ones to add a new lease of life to your home or office.

As lockdown eases and we finally get the chance to step outside again, now is the perfect time to give your living space a refresh.

No matter how you’ve spent the lockdown period, chances are you’ve grown pretty tired of staring at the same four walls 24/7 – so mixing things up is a great way to mark the transition back to semi-normality.

There are plenty of ways to give your home a new lease of life, from giving the walls a fresh lick of paint to decluttering and reorganising. But if you’re looking for a quick and easy way to give your home an instant refresh, a new statement plant might be just the thing you’re looking for.

We already know that houseplants have the power to elevate any interior style and boost our mental health at the same time – but going supersized and opting for a statement plant is the perfect way to give your space a whole new feel and really mix things up.

It’s worth noting that buying a statement plant is not cheap, so make sure you read up on how to keep your new plant alive before taking the plunge and spending your hard-earned money. 

From fiddle leaf figs to swiss cheese plants, our edit of the best statement indoor plants is sure to give you a lot of food for thought. And once you’ve decided on the plant you want, check out our guide to the best online plant shops to get shopping.     

  • Cast Iron Plant

    Statement houseplants: Cast Iron Plant from Happy Houseplants, £49.99.
    Statement houseplants: Cast Iron Plant from Happy Houseplants, £49.99.

    On top of it’s dark green colouring and elegant, paddle-shaped leaves, the cast iron plant has made a name for itself for it’s practically indestructible nature. If you’re a serial plant killer, then this is the plant for you: the cast iron plant can deal with poor light, warm and cold temperatures and poor air quality. It also happens to be slow growing, so it won’t outgrow the space you’ve chosen for it for a while. 

    Shop Cast Iron Plant at Happy Houseplants, £49.99

  • Weeping Fig

    Statement plants: Weeping Fig from Conservatory Archives, £48.
    Statement houseplants: Weeping Fig from Conservatory Archives, £48.

    The Weeping Fig (or Ficus Benjamina) comes in both non-variegated and variegated types, but this variegated plant from Conservatory Archives has really drawn our attention. Although this plant is known as the weeping fig for its ability to drop leaves when put under stress, if you leave it in a bright corner of your house and water when the top soil is 20% dried out, it should be pretty happy.

    Shop tall house plants at Conservatory Archives, from £48

  • Fiddle-Leaf Fig

    Fiddle-Leaf Fig
    Statement houseplants: Large Fiddle-Leaf Fig from Beards & Daisies, £37.99.

    You’ve probably seen them plastered all over your Instagram feed by now, but the fiddle-leaf fig shows no sign of going away. There’s only one problem: these big leafy giants may look fantastic, but they’re notoriously hard to look after. To keep one happy, you need to make sure you give it just enough sun and water (too much or too little will make it unhappy), and make sure the air isn’t too dry (use a humidifier or give it a regular mist).

    Shop top houseplants at Beards & Daisies, from £14.99

  • Swiss Cheese Plant

    Swiss Cheese Plant
    Statement houseplants: Swiss Cheese Plant from Patch Plants, £65.

    The swiss cheese plant (or monstera deliciosa, as it is also called) is one of the most popular indoor plants out there, and for good reason. Importantly, it’s super easy to care for – provide your plant with gentle sunlight and keep the soil moist, and they’ll be pretty happy. Plus, their unique foliage makes for a fantastic statement plant.

    Shop Swiss Cheese Plant at Patch Plants, £65

  • Snake Plant

    Snake Plant from Leaf Envy
    Statement houseplants: Snake Plant from Leaf Envy, £56.

    There are plenty different kinds of snake plant, so you’re sure to find one that works for you. These gentle giants are almost unkillable: they’ll deal with everything from low light to missed watering. They also happen to look great in a raised plant pot, by the way.

    Shop Snake Plant at Leaf Envy, £56

  • Kentia Palm

    Kentia Palm
    Statement houseplants: Kentia Palm from Patch Plants, £120.

    If you want to make a statement, the kentia palm is your guy. With its wide, spread-out leaves and towering stems, it has everything you’d want from a statement plant. The best bit? Kentia palms require relatively little maintenance besides a little water and sunlight (you may need to mist your plant a couple of times a week), but it’s well worth it for the way it’ll look in your home.

    Shop Kentia Palm at Patch Plants, £120

  • Rubber Plant

    Rubber Plant
    Statement houseplants: Rubber Plant from Primrose.co.uk, £59.99.

    Sitting comfortably at 3ft, these rubber plants would make a statement in any area of the home or office; their beautiful glossy leaves will look great alongside any style of décor. These plants thrive in bright light conditions, so consider placing them in front of a window to help them flourish – plus, they only need watering once or twice a week (depending on the season), so they’re great for someone looking for a plant that’s pretty low maintenance.

    Shop Rubber Plant at Primrose.co.uk, £59.99

  • Umbrella Plant

    Umbrella Plant
    Statement houseplants: Umbrella Plant from Primrose.co.uk, £74.98.

    These incredible plants have some beautifully unique leaves which are sure to make an impact. Named for the way which each group of leaves droop and fan out like an umbrella, this plant is actually great for beginners, despite the fact that it looks quite complicated. All you need to do to keep your umbrella plant happy is provide it with some indirect light and give it some water once a week.

    Shop Umbrella Plant at Primrose.co.uk, £74.98

  • Coconut Palm

    Coconut Palm
    Statement houseplants: Coconut Palm from Beards & Daisies, £34.99.

    Sleek and sophisticated, the coconut palm is the perfect plant for any tight corners which need a new lease of life. While at first the needs of the coconut palm can make it sound a bit intimidating – it needs warm temperatures and regular misting to stay in good shape – its requirements make it the perfect statement plant for the bathroom. If taken good care of, this plant can even reach up to 5ft tall. 

    Shop Coconut Palm at Beards & Daisies, £34.99

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