9 Christmas plants to decorate your home this festive season

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The Little Botanical

Combine the festive season with your love of houseplants, with this beautiful selection of indoor Christmas plants. 

December is finally here, kicking off the countdown to Christmas and New Year. While the festivities are unlikely to be what we’re used to this time around, the limits on who we can see and where we can go won’t stop us from making the best of the most wonderful time of the year. 

From Christmas films and our favourite holiday hits to inventive advent calendars and creative cards, there is still plenty to indulge in during Christmas 2020. 

And of course, that’s not forgetting one of our favourite parts of the Christmas season: decorations.

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From adorable cottagecore ornaments to sustainable Christmas trees, in 2020, we’re going all out on our festive décor. Not only is decorating a great way to pass the time in lockdown, but it’s a nice way to make the most of having to stay inside more than we usually would at this time of year.

However, don’t be mistaken in thinking that festive decorating is all about sparkly decorations and twinkling lights – alongside the traditional douglas fir tree, there are plenty of ways that plants can be used to decorate your home this Christmas. 

On top of the fact that plants can bring a bit of extra colour to your home during the darker winter months (especially those which flower this time of year), they’re also a great way to cut down on Christmas waste, because you can keep them up all year round or plant them in the garden until this time next year. 

So, without further ado, here’s our pick of the best Christmas plants to brighten up your home this December.   

  • Sprig Of Mistletoe

    A sprig of Mistletoe
    Best Christmas Plants: The Real Flower Petal Confetti Co.

    Add a touch of festive cheer to your home with this sprig of mistletoe grown on the Wyke Manor Estate in Worcestershire.

    Not just for kissing under, the curved green leaves and pearlescent white berries of this mistletoe sprig make it the perfect addition to any festive display.

    Shop Sprig of Mistletoe at The Real Flower Petal Confetti Co, £9.95

  • Baby Blue Christmas Tree

    The Little Botanical
    Christmas Plants: The Little Botanical.

    We couldn’t talk about plants at Christmas without including the humble Christmas tree, could we?

    Perfect if you haven’t got much space to play with, the stunning blue-toned needles of the baby blue tree make it an eye-catching addition to any home. 

    And unlike a bigger Christmas tree (this one is between 70-90cm tall), you’ll be able to keep this one around because it’s planted in a pot with soil – for best results, simply remove the tree from its pot at the end of December and plant it in the garden, where it will continue to grow until next year. What better way to cut down on your waste this Christmas?

    Shop Baby Blue Christmas Tree at The Little Botanical, £85

  • Poinsettia

    Christmas Plants: Bloom & Wild.
    Christmas Plants: Bloom & Wild.

    Known for their brilliant red foliage, the poinsettia is a traditional Christmas plant which is sure to add a splash of colour to any festive display.

    Even better, this poinsettia from Bloom & Wild is compact enough to fit through your letterbox and comes planted in a shining gold trough – Christmas decorating has never been so easy!

    Shop Poinsettia at Bloom & Wild, £32

  • Stone Pine

    Stone Pine
    Christmas Plants: Patch Plants.

    With its delicate needles and compact shape, this pint-sized Christmas tree is perfect for areas where a full-sized tree just won’t fit – making it the ideal solution for a bedroom or kitchen counter.

    And because it’s potted, you’ll be able to keep this tree around for the long run – if you have a balcony, you can even stick it outside for 2021 (it will live happily outside all year round) and then bring it back inside next Christmas.

    Shop Stone Pine at Patch Plants, £8

  • Christmas Succulent Family

    Gold succulents
    Christmas Plants: The Little Botanical.

    These gold-tipped succulents from The Little Botanical make decorating with plants delightfully simple. Whether you decide to spread the plants around your home or display them all together, their gold tips will bring that extra touch of festivity to any room.

    Even better, because the plants are painted with non-harmful water-based paint, the gold tips will grow out over time, leaving you with a collection of beautiful succulents for 2021.

    Shop Christmas Succulent Family at The Little Botanical, £47

  • Christmas Cactus

    Christmas Plants: Patch Plants.
    Christmas Plants: Patch Plants.

    The Christmas cactus earned its name because its brilliant pink flowers bloom during the festive season, making it the perfect plant for cheering up a gloomy winter’s day.

    And even when the festive season is over and the Christmas cactus loses its buds, its fleshy, trailing leaves would look great hanging off of the edge of a bookshelf or sat on a windowsill.

    It’s happiest in a shady, humid spot, making it the perfect Christmas decoration for the oft-forgotten bathroom.

    Shop Christmas Cactus at Patch Plants, £15  

  • Norfolk Pine

    Norfolk Pine
    Christmas Plants: Beards & Daisies.

    Although it may look like a Christmas tree, the Norfolk pine is actually a tropical houseplant, making it the perfect mix of seasonal decoration and year-long leafy friend.

    Originally from Norfolk Island, a small island in the Pacific between Australia and New Zealand, the Norfolk pine likes moderate temperatures and lots of humidity, so it’ll enjoy lots of regular misting. 

    Shop Norfolk Pine at Beards & Daisies, £15.99

  • Variegated Candelabra Cactus

    Variegated Candelabra Cactus
    Best Christmas Plants: Bloombox Club.

    For a Christmas tree with a difference, why not try this statement cactus from Bloombox Club?

    Not only will it look beautiful all year round, but its strong, fleshy stem makes it super easy to drape lights over. Plus, Bloombox Club is currently giving away free fairy lights with every purchase from its Christmas collection, so you won’t have to wait to decorate. 

    Shop Variegated Candelabra Cactus at Bloombox Club, £55

  • Christmas Succulent Star

    Christmas Succulent Star
    Christmas Plants: Haute Florist

    If you’re after something as simple as it is effective, then look no further than this delightful little succulent in its festive star-shaped pot. 

    With glitter-dusted, fleshy green leaves, it will make the perfect understated centrepiece for any Christmas display. But succulents are also long-lasting and easy to look after, meaning that, with the right care, this is a plant that will last you far beyond the winter months. 

    Shop Christmas Succulent Star at Haute Florist, £25.

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Main Image: The Little Botanical

Other images: courtesy of suppliers


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