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Best trailing plants: 8 hanging houseplants perfect for homes that are short on floor space

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Looking to add a new houseplant to your home, but short on floor space? These hanging plants offer the best of both worlds. 

If you’re looking to add some more houseplants to your home in 2022, one of the biggest hurdles you’re likely to face is finding the space to accommodate them.

Adding plants to your home is a great way to spruce up your interiors and bring the outside in, but they can also take up a lot of room – especially if your space is a little small.

The solution? Trailing plants. Whether you’re short on floor space, want to add a bit of dimension to a room or simply want to decorate a plain wall, adding a hanging plant (or five) to your collection allows you to bring some greenery into your home without taking up a bunch of surface space. 

Besides the fact that they look fantastic (and come in a massive array of shapes and colours) trailing plants make a great feature anywhere in the house, whether above a dining table or in the corner of a bathroom. 

Plus, it’s fun to watch them grow and trail their vines – and there are lots of beautiful hanging plant pots to buy, too.

Keep reading to check out our pick of the best hanging plants to add to your home now.  

  • Fishbone Cactus

    Fishbone Cactus
    Best trailing plants: Fishbone Cactus.

    This cartoon-like cactus is perfect for adding a bit of character to your living space. 

    You’ll need to water it more than your average cactus – the fishbone cactus is a jungle cacti, meaning it thrives in moist and warm conditions – but its preference for high humidity makes it the perfect plant for hanging in your bathroom.

    Shop Fishbone Cactus at Happy Houseplants, £29.99

  • Wax Plant

    Leaf Envy Wax Plant
    Best trailing plants: Wax Plant.

    You’ve probably seen these bad boys all over Instagram, and for good reason. 

    Besides the fact that they look fantastic (they can grow up to six feet long) the wax plant also thrives with dry to semi-dry soil, making it super easy to take care of even if you’re new to plant parenthood.

    Shop Wax Plant at Leaf Envy, £22

  • Golden Pothos

    Hanging Golden Pothos
    Best trailing plants: Hanging Golden Pothos.

    The hanging golden pothos is a popular choice for first-time plant parents, not only because it’s incredibly easy to care for, but also because it’s super versatile. 

    Hang it from the ceiling, drape it over the edge of a windowsill or leave it to trail from the top of a bookshelf – as long as you give it lots of light and the occasional water, the golden pothos will be happy as a clam.

    Shop Golden Pothos at The Stem, £15

  • String Of Pearls

    Lazy Flora String Of Pearls
    Best trailing plants: String Of Pearls.

    The string of pearls is perfect for anyone looking to jazz up a bookshelf or add some interest to a side table. This unique-looking succulent will even thrive in direct, bright light, making it perfect for a sunny windowsill (you might even consider hanging it from a curtain pole). 

    Taking care of a string of pearls is also pretty straightforward; you’ll know your plant needs water when the topsoil has dried out completely.

    Shop String Of Pearls at Lazy Flora, £25

  • Satin Pothos

    Satin Pothos
    Best trailing plants: Satin Pothos.

    The trailing stems and silvery leaves of the satin pothos make it a great addition to any room. 

    As the satin pothos can handle a little bit of shade (it’s originally a rainforest plant and is used to sitting in dappled light) it will thrive in areas of indirect, bright light and will only need watering when the top inch of its soil has dried out. 

    Shop Satin Pothos at Patch, £15

  • String Of Hearts

    String Of Hearts
    Best trailing plants: String Of Hearts.

    The delicate, heart-shaped leaves of the string of hearts make this plant an easy win. 

    Similar to the string of pearls, this plant would make the perfect addition to a bookshelf or side table: after all, who doesn’t want a waterfall of love-heart shaped leaves cascading into their living space?

    Buy String Of Hearts at Beards & Daisies, £16

  • Tradescantia

    Best trailing plants: Tradescantia.

    This tradescantia boasts beautiful, striped leaves with a purple underside, making it the perfect statement plant for a dull corner. 

    Native to South America, this trailing plant loves lots of light (and can even endure direct light for a couple of hours a day) and prefers to have its soil kept moist at all times.

    Shop Tradescantia at The Little Botanical, £18.50

  • Monstera Minima

    Monstera Minima
    Best trailing plants: Monstera Minima.

    If you don’t have the space for a full-sized monster deliciosa, this miniature, trailing version is a great space-saving option. 

    With its signature monstera leaves and bright green colour, this trailing plant will make an eye-catching addition to any room.

    Shop Monstera Minima at Conservatory Archives, £18

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