5 plant care accessories that are actually worth investing in, according to an Instagram expert

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Georgette Olaiya holding a swiss cheese plant

Instagram ‘plantfluencer’ Georgette Olaiya (@thegardensofgaia) talks us through her pick of the best plant care accessories to keep your leafy friends happy and healthy. 

If you bought one too many plants in lockdown, you’re not alone. Whether you’re a fan of succulents or swiss cheese plants, these days, it seems like everyone is nurturing some kind of (growing) plant collection.

But with plant ownership comes great responsibility. And while it’s 100% possible to keep your plants alive without investing in any added extras, if you want to take your indoor gardening skills to the next level, you might want to consider investing in a few extra accessories. 

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However, with so many different watering cans, misters and care-related items on sale, it can be hard to know where to start.

So, to give you an idea of the accessories that are actually worth the money, we asked plant blogger and expert Georgette Olaiya (whose Instagram account, @thegardensofgaia, is a wealth of plant care advice), for her top picks.  

From her favourite watering can to the benefits of fertiliser, here’s Olaiya’s edit of the best plant care accessories that are actually worth investing in. 

  • Elho Plunge Watering Can

    “The first item I bought along with my first plant was a watering can because it’s such a vital accessory to keep houseplants alive,” Olaiya says. “I knew I wanted something a little stylish and the Elho plunge watering can couldn’t have been any more perfect.

    “Thankfully, even without a handle, it’s super easy to hold especially when full – but the real game-changer here is the narrow spout! It’s so easy to water every type of plant, from a tree-like rubber plant to a bushy fern, so you get directly to the soil without drowning your plant’s foliage in water.” 

    Shop Elho Plunge Watering Can in Ochre at Bloomling, £9.75

  • Patch Plants Mister

    Patch Plants Mister Bottle
    Plant Care Accessories: Plant Mister.

    “I’m always talking about the need for humidity with most plants, and unless you have the luxury of a big humidifier or have space in your bathroom for a range of tropical plants, a good mister is the best way to give plants the humidity they need,” Olaiya explains.

    “Simply fill them with water and spray – probably the easiest plant tip out there. Not only will your plants love a regular spritz, but it’s pretty therapeutic, too!”

    Shop Mister at Patch Plants, £10

  • Worth Gardening Soil Moisture Meter

    Soil Moisture Meter
    Plant Care Accessories: Soil Moisture Meter.

    “It’s impossible to have lovely lush leaves without well-kept roots and the quickest and most common way to kill your houseplant is by overwatering, so a must-have accessory is a moisture meter,” Olaiya argues.

    “I think over time you tend to pick up on your plants’ water habits, how long you can leave it without watering before it gets a little miserable and which ones are more drought-tolerant than others. But until then, save yourself the worry and check the moisture of the soil before you water – you’ll be surprised at just how much you were overwatering.”

    Shop Worth Gardening Soil Moisture Meter at Hortology, £8.99 

  • Decorative Pot

    “Want an easy way to keep your plant fancy? Decorative pots are your answer and where you can really step up your plant-styling game,” Olaiya says. “As much as I like a naked plant in its nursery pot, decorative pots just add an extra, je ne sais quoi.

    “I’d always recommend keeping your plant in the nursery pot and then placing it in a decorative pot since it makes watering a lot easier and most don’t come with drainage holes, so try to resist the temptation of potting your plant directly into a fancy pot.” 

    Shop Decorative Pots at Greenka, various prices

  • Natural Grower Organic Fertiliser

    Organic Fertiliser from The Stem
    Plant Care Accessories: Organic Fertiliser.

    “If you’re not feeding your plants, especially during spring and summer, you’re missing a trick,” Olaiya explains. “Liquid fertiliser gives your plants such a beautiful boost during the growing season, keeping your plants green, lush and thriving especially after a harsh winter.

    “You can either add the specified amount directly into your water can when watering or grab an already diluted fertiliser that you can add straight to your plant’s soil.” 

    Shop Natural Grower Organic Fertiliser at The Stem, £15

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Images: Georgette Olaiya/Courtesy Of Suppliers

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