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Working from home: How this wallpaper could make a major difference to your productivity

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Leah Sinclair
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As we all return to work, the need to boost creativity and productivity while working from home is at an all-time high  and this wallpaper from Poodle & Blonde might be just what you need to refresh your home office with specially selected colours to stimulate your mind.

The first day you return to work after the Christmas and New Year period is always a little bit strange.

While we often spend the new year thinking about our hopes and goals for the future, we also have to get back into old habits and patterns as we return to work – and in the age of Covid-19, these patterns still come with a level of unfamiliarity.

This new normal that we call working for home can still feel like an alternate reality as many of us spend the day working while trying to not get distracted and keep the productivity following for hours at a time which can be a real struggle – but what if there was a way to change that?

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A 2020 survey from MyJobQuote found most workers (54 per cent) have their home office painted white, which they say isn’t the best colour for productivity, creativity or even happiness, with bolder hues being better for your work and wellbeing – and we’ve found the brand that can help create the space you desire to be at your most productive while WFH.

Poodle & Blonde, a luxury interiors brand, has teamed up with VELUX to create a bespoke, first-of-its-kind wallpaper – a daylight reflecting collection designed in colours proven to increase productivity, or bring a sense of calm to favourite spaces. 

With shortened daylight hours, there’s never been a more crucial time to appreciate those moments of daylight magic – and this collection, which comes in hues of gold, blue and pink, echoes the way light changes from dusk to dawn and helps create the perfect space needed throughout the working day.

To get a feel of the entire collection, we spoke to Poodle & Blonde co-founder Kierra Campbell about collaborating with VELUX and just how the transitional wallpaper works.

How did this collaboration with VELUX come about?

VELUX approached us to collaborate on this collection as they were already fans of our brand, which was amazing. We’ve had such a full-on year with our other collection launches, but we just knew that this opportunity couldn’t be missed – they were such fun to work with and knew exactly what they wanted to deliver. The wallpaper print is inspired by movement and light, and how those changes affect our mood throughout the day.

What was the process for creating this wallpaper?

When we first started talking, the brief was all around how to transform spaces by best maximising daylight from above. We came to the conclusion with VELUX pretty quickly that wallpaper would be a great place to start, especially if we could find a way to make it bounce light around the room.

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Poodle & Blonde x Velux Magic Hours collection

VELUX identified the work from home trend is very much here to stay so we decided to hone in on the home office given this is where people are spending such a significant chunk of their time.

We worked closely with them on the design and colourways – it’s safe to say there was a lot of back and forth but we’re all in love with the final result. Whinnie, the co-founder of Poodle & Blonde, actually hand-painted the initial lines and shapes which can be seen in the finished product.

What was the inspiration behind the design of the wallpaper?

When thinking about daylight and its transformative impact, we started thinking about the key three hours of the day where daylight is perceived to be at its best – sunrise, midday and sunset, which is how we landed on magic hours. The icing on the cake was being able to create the range with a pearlescent and light-reflective sheen which so beautifully bounces light around the room.

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How did you go about choosing the hues?

The abstract pattern colour palette lends itself to lots of different styles and the large scale and light-reflective quality makes spaces feel larger. Our favourite design is the twilight hour – it’s so bold and impactful. When choosing the hues we wanted them to be dramatic but also workable in all spaces. I think the blue hour would look great paired with wood tones or burnt orange, and similarly, the golden hour is perfect for natural materials like rattan.

How can people style their office to make the most of their wallpaper?

Each colourway in the collection lends itself well to different styles, depending on how bold you are. When we shot the range we played with a few set-ups, ranging from mid-century styles to more chic and modern looks. The reflective finish creates the illusion of more space and light so it’s important when styling it that it’s positioned right up to the window edges – capturing all that gorgeous daylight.

Shop Poodle & Blonde Magic Hours collection here

Images: Poodle & Blonde

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