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Sculptural candles in unusual shapes are our next interiors must-buy

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Take your candle game to the next level with these creative, sculptural beauties. 

Obsessed with candles but looking to take your interior design game to the next level? There’s one type of candle that really packs a punch.

Enter: sculptural candles. If interesting shapes that roam well beyond the realm of your average tea light sound good to you, these have been an Instagram favourite for a while, and a staple in the homes of interior influencers.

From vivid ombre towers to artfully sculpted women’s bodies, you’ll find a style and shape to suit any space.

But if you’re looking for practicality, you may want to think again. These statement candles are not meant to be burned. Instead, we recommend using them as a finishing touch in your home’s decor, placing one on top of a bedside table or a chest of drawers.

It’s time to make these striking candles yours and keep them forever.

  • Maza

    Sculptural candles: Maza
    Sculptural candles: Maza

    The colours of this Ocho candle reminds us of a gorgeous summer sunset and it’s unusual shape provides an extra striking detail. 

    Available in a range of colours, every candle is hand-dipped by owner Maisie in her Peckham home studio. Each unique creation is ideal for dressing up coffee tables, bookshelves, mantelpieces and more.

    Shop the Ocho candle from The Drop by Stylist, £22

  • Love Lulu Curvy Collection

    Sculptural candles: LoveLulu
    Sculptural candles: LoveLulu

    LoveLulu’s Curvy Collection of candles celebrates the female form and will bring instant light and cheer to your interior. These three lady candles are hand poured with 100% natural soy wax and unbleached cotton wicks, making them vegan and eco-friendly. 

    Buy LoveLulu Curvy Collection from The Drop by Stylist, £25

  • LoveLulu Bobby Cube Set

    Sculptural candles: Love Lulu
    Sculptural candles: Love Lulu

    This amazing brand offers so many great products, we couldn’t choose just one. For something a bit more modern, why not go for these stylish cube candles. The three gorgeous neutral tones are perfect for adding subtle detail and texture to your room.

    Shop LoveLulu Bobby Cube Set from The Drop by Stylist, £25 

  • Hero Creates

    Pink and orange candles in the shape of jellies
    Sculptural candles: Hero Creates

    Hero Creates uses real Victorian jelly moulds to shape her candles which truly look good enough to eat. 

    With colour palettes inspired by 60s and 70s, these gorgeous mini candles are imbued with a warm feeling of nostalgia alongside a vintage look.

    Hero says she loves the history that these moulds carry and to think of all the birthday parties they may have seen. Hero Creates jelly candles come in singular block colours such as lime green, orange or pink, as well as contrasting two-tone designs. 

    Shop candles at Hero Creates, from £12

  • Studio Dine

    Studio Dine pink candle
    Sculptural candles: Studio Dine

    All-round creative genius Callie Pettigrew is the founder of Studio Dine, and when she’s not styling weddings, curating events or designing stationery, she’s making playful candles.

    Studio Dine is all about experimenting with colour and shape. Think ultra-violet lilacs, rich turquoise hues and pastel-splattered designs which are tactile even to look at. 

    This chunky number, pictured above, is called the Abacus candle. It also comes in white, lilac, purple, pastel blue, turquoise and green, so it might be hard to pick a favourite.

    Shop Abacus candle at Studio Dine, £16

  • Spanish Wax Co

    White candles in shape of clouds
    Sculptural candles: Spanish Wax Co

    Is there anything as whimsical as a cloud-shaped candle? This adorable trio from Spanish Wax Co don’t need a holder, they’re happy to float around on any surface.

    Spanish Wax Co was born out of lockdown and is founded by couple-team Hannah and Stuart who hold sustainability at the heart of their business and only use three ingredients to make their gorgeous candles: paraben free scented oils, renewable, eco-friendly soy wax and cotton wicks.

    Shop white clouds at Spanish Wax Co, £15.99

  • Beachampton Hall

    Beachampton Hall green bubble candle
    Sculptural candles: Beachampton Hall

    Bubble candles have been a huge trend in their own right, but there’s one brand that we consider a go-to for this style and that’s Beachampton Hall.

    The brand stocks a rainbow of on-trend colours such as pale lavender, cobalt blue, candy floss pink and muted mauve, grey and cream.

    Plus, if you’re looking for a candle that really makes an impact, the 1kg versions are huge.

    Shop bubble candles at Beachampton Hall, from £11

  • Niloh

    Sculptural candles
    Sculptural candles: Niloh

    Niloh creates candles in soft, nuanced shapes interpretive of the female form. 

    We love that each one has its own name and is personalised with details like stretch marks. 

    Each one is made with 100% premium grade soy wax and is 100% vegan.

    Shop Nairobi curve goddess at Niloh, £30

  • Pastel Palette

    Pastel candles
    Sculptural candles: Pastel Palette

    Pastel Palette is the ultimate destination for playful candles in candy hues spanning a huge range of designs. 

    From mini pleated lamps and intricate carousels, to cherubs and these Aphrodite beauties picture above, there’s nothing that this candle brand can’t do.

    Shop Aphrodite candle at Pastel Palette, £15

  • Surf chimp candle

    Sculptural candles chimp
    Sculptural candles: General Admission

    Even if you love minimalist decor, we doubt you can resist this brilliantly playful candle.

    Its  yellow colour would add a bright pop to any coffee table, bookcase of shelving area.

    Shop surf chimp candle at Goodhood Store, £65

  • Rhubarb and strawberry candle

    Sculptural candles: Lanji
    Sculptural candles: Lanji

    This 100% soy wax candle is hand poured in the UK with a gorgeous blend of fruity notes.

    Its scent includes rhubarb, grapefruit, apple, strawberry, raspberry and plum. Delicious. 

    Shop rhubarb and strawberry candle at Lanji Candles, £14

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