Sculptural candles in unusual shapes are our next interiors must-buy

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Take your candle game to the next level with these creative, sculptural beauties. 

If candles are an obsession of yours, we’ll bet this edit will thrill you to your core. You see, as much as we love dinner candles, made even more popular by this summer’s tablescaping trend, there’s a new type of candle in town and it packs a punch.

Sculptural candles, those that take interesting shapes and roam beyond the realm of your average tea light, are fast becoming an Instagram favourite and a staple in the homes of interior influencers.

They’re an international trend, with many of our favourites courtesy of designers based in places such as New York and Denmark. Whether it’s a vivid green blob or an artfully sculpted woman’s body, these statement candles are not meant to be burned. We recommend using them as a finishing touch in your home’s decor, placing one on top of a bed side table or a chest of drawers.

It’s time to make these striking candles yours and keep them forever.

  • Organic soy candle

    We could stare at this fascinating candle by Andrej Urem all day. 

    It’s made using a hand-pouring method, which Urem does himself in his studio in New York, before sculpting the wax into architectural forms.

    Shop AU spy candle at COS, £39

  • Curvy torso candles

    Belle Nous is a small candle brand on Etsy which specialises in candles shaped in celebration of the female form. 

    The brand hasn’t been up and running for very long but already has a cult following and each drop sells out within a few hours, so you’ll need to keep an eye out for their next launch, and be quick if you want one. 

    Shop curvy body torso at Belle Nous, £22

  • Goober candle

    Even if you love minimalist decor, we doubt you can resist this brilliantly playful candle.

    Its lime green colour would add a bright pop to any coffee table, bookcase of shelving area.

    Shop Goober candle at Goodhood Store, £28

  • Tie-die star pillar

    Celestial fans, this candle is about to go right to the top of your must-buy list. 

    Each star-shaped candle is dyed by hand using a blend of pastel shades including blue, pink and orange. It’s also lightly scented using lavender essential oil for a calming energy.

    Shop tie-die star pillar at Esh, £18

  • Pillar candle

    We always love Danish homeware brand HAY for quirky, colourful accessories, but this stacked candle is one of our favourite pieces yet.

    If this one isn’t for you, there’s a whole assortment of colours and designs to choose from.

    Shop pillar candle by HAY at Skandium, £39

  • Twist candle

    This Twist candle has become iconic over the last few months, continuously popping up on our Instagram feeds courtesy of many of our favourite interior influencers. 

    It’s created by Dutch designer Lex Pott and is instantly recognisable thanks to its unique shape and comes in a whole range of colours.

    Shop twist candle by Lex Pott at KIN, £24

  • Hand-carved roses candle

    This gorgeous candle looks like something Marie Antoinette would position atop of a coffee table book

    We adore the pastel colour palette and over-the-top bow detailing.

    Shop hand-carved roses candle at FABREK, £36

  • Rhubarb and strawberry candle

    This 100% soy wax candle is hand poured in the UK with a gorgeous blend of fruity notes.

    Its scent includes rhubarb, grapefruit, apple, strawberry, raspberry and plum. Delicious. 

    Shop rhubarb and strawberry candle at Lanji Candles, £14

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