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5 things you need to add to your bedroom for the ultimate night’s sleep

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From the cosiest robe to snuggle up in to the bedding you’ve been dreaming of, here’s all you need for restful nights and sprightly mornings…

You’ve listened to hours’ worth of soothing podcasts, you’ve drunk gallons of herbal tea and you’ve tried every possible sleep position, from “the resting crab” to “the weary sloth”.

The search for the perfect night’s sleep is a very modern obsession, and quite frankly, we’re as committed to the quest as you are.

With the clocks about to go forward and warmer weather (hopefully) on the way, your sleep requirements are about to shift, which is why we’ve isolated our top five products from The Sleep Shop at M&S, all of which have been carefully selected for springtime snoozing.

Here are the bedroom heroes to add to your arsenal that are guaranteed to transform your nighttime routine…

  • The Duvet

    It doesn’t matter how thick your curtains are or how restful your whale song playlist is - if your bedding isn’t up to scratch, you can say goodbye to elite-level sleep.

    With a climate control filling that quickly absorbs excess moisture from your skin, this Comfortably Cool 10.5 Tog Duvet is best-in-class for cosiness while still keeping you cool.

    The optimum body temperature for sleep is somewhere between 15 and 19°C, so this breathable number is the ideal duvet for year-round comfort.

  • The Candle

    Is a night in really a night in if you don’t light a candle? We would have to say no.

    The Calm Candle is made from a blend of sweet orange, lavender, cedar wood and sage, all of which have been chosen for their soothing properties.

    If you’re currently struggling to switch off at the end of the day, it could be the breath of fresh air you’re looking for.

  • The Pillowcase

    If you find yourself constantly turning your pillow in pursuit of “the cool side”, then stop - there is an easier way.

    This Comfortably Cool pillowcase is made using a blend of  cotton and tencel ( a fibre drawn from eucalyptus trees), and actively helps to moderate your body temperature and draw moisture off your skin.

    Your pillow-flipping days are over.

  • The Sleep Cream

    If there’s anything better than waking up from a thoroughly restful night’s sleep, it’s waking up with a newly fresh complexion.

    Formula’s Ultimate Sleep Cream uses peptides and hyaluronic acid to nourish and hydrate your skin overnight, meaning that even if you absolutely hate mornings, you can at least deceive people with a pleasingly healthy glow.

  • The Robe

    When dropping everything to disappear to a spa hotel isn’t possible (stupid job), kicking back in a snuggly bathrobe is the next best thing.

    This crisp, white towelling number is made from pure cotton and is purpose-built for lounging around in.

    Cosy as anything.

The Sleep Shop at M&S has everything you need not only for a great night’s sleep, but also to help you wake up in the morning, from comfortably cool bedding to relaxing home fragrances. Shop the range here