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Our homes have taken on another level of importance this past year, and from the anti-minimalist cluttercore trend to the obsession with houseplants, we’re here for celebrating your space. In this week’s issue, which is available to read now, interiors expert Laura Jackson reveals the key to finding your style and curates the ultimate list of items for your home.

Plus, Stylist meets the women who took on Covid-19 and won, columnist Billie Bhatia deliberates why we need to talk about pretty privilege, and we talk to the experts and believers making ufology mainstream (yes, really!).

But that’s not all… get your copy of Stylist now to read:

●  The season’s must-have accessories that will last year after year

●  Singer-songwriter Mabel selects her summer soundtrack

●  What’s next for hair equality

And, as always, we bring you thirty of our favourite things in The Style List.

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