A composite image illustrating the whimsigothic TikTok interiors trend.

Whimsigothic is the witchy new interiors trend that has TikTok under its spell

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A touch of 90s goth, a sprinkling of cluttercore and a pinch of cottagecore, mix it all together and you’ve got TikTok’s new fave interiors aesthetic – whimsigothic.

If you’ve been on TikTok lately, you may have seen some spooky goings-on over on your FYP. And, no, I don’t mean being haunted by the same video every time you scroll. The app has a thriving coven of witches (the #WitchTok hashtag has 25.4 billion views) and interest in all things celestial, astrological and a little bit magical has been on the rise on the platform – as Wired reports.

If the witchy vibe appeals to you, you’ll want to get involved with the latest trend that has TikTok users bewitched (sorry!). Whimsigothic is an aesthetic that mixes 90s influences with a sprinkling of magic and a touch of Tim Burton-esque quirk. Icons of the style include Stevie Nicks, Florence Welch and 90s-era Lisa Bonet and Helena Bonham Carter.

While a lot of TikTok’s whimsigothic content has focused on style – think velvet in rich colours; lots of layered jewellery featuring stars, moons and suns; floaty sleeves and black lace – you can also tap into the trend in your interiors. When it comes to homeware, whimsigothic takes the fun fantasy vibe of cottagecore, the trinkets and knick-knacks of cluttercore and blends them with the goth decor trend.

Where to look for whimsigothic interiors inspiration

The 90s were the heyday of witchy and spooky pop culture so it’s no wonder that shows like Sabrina The Teenage Witch, Buffy, Charmed and Hocus Pocus are being referenced by TikTok users as examples of the whimsigothic aesthetic. Sabrina’s bedroom in both the OG series and the Netflix remake are great places to start for whimsigothic inspiration.

A whimsigothic home features rich blues and purples, the layering of different textures, plush velvets and the sort of celestial iconography that a whimsigothic outfit might have. Other hallmarks include crystals, incense burners, hanging plants, lanterns and a lot of candles. You’re basically aiming to make your space look like a witch’s apothecary – black cat optional.

Influenced as it is by the 90s, the trend lends itself well to vintage and secondhand shopping – there are almost certainly a few whimsigothic homeware items to be had at your local charity shop. 

Homewares that will help bring the whimsigothic aesthetic to your space

Whether you want to go full witch or simply dip a toe into the trend, there are lots of options out there on the high street, too. Here are some of the best. 

  • Urban Outfitters decorative vines

    An image of a wall covered in a faux ivy vines.
    Whimsigothic trend: Urban Outfitters

    Trailing plants are very much part of the whimsigothic look. But if you’re still waiting on your plant-growing powers, these faux vines from Urban Outfitters will make your walls appear covered in creeping ivy – as if by magic.

    Shop decorative vines at Urban Outfitters, £10

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