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5 ways to give your home a simple winter makeover

From warm lighting to seasonal scents, this is how to prepare your space for the colder months to come…

What a summer we’ve had, eh? Sigh.

While the past few months may have been a bit of a let-down, the upside of the changing season is the chance to transform your home into a sanctuary of cosiness, the perfect space for Sunday baking, red wine with friends and restful evenings of prestige telly.

Whether you rent or own, share or live solo, there are plenty of simple things you can do to make your home feel more wintry, none of which require any DIY expertise or pots and pots of disposable cash.

Here are our five top tips on how to make your space as welcoming and winter-ready as possible…

1. Play around with layering


There are many ways to create a sense of cosiness in your home, including the way you arrange your possessions.

Consider the visual effect you want to create – introducing a busier, lived-in aesthetic can make even the starkest space feel homely and welcoming.

“By creating layers with accessories, you can achieve depth and texture in your scheme easily,” explains Daisy Coombes of homeware brand Sass and Belle.

“This winter, look to update the way you style your shelves, sideboards or mantelpieces to take you from bright and airy to cosy and welcoming.”

“Don’t forget to consider the height and shape of your chosen accessories,” she continues. “Consider stacking books to elevate smaller trinkets, propping mirrors or framed artwork behind trinkets and dotting posey vases of dried stems within the gaps to add interest.”

2. Tweak your colour scheme


When it comes to making your home winter-ready, colour is absolutely key.

“Your use of colour is one of the easiest ways to change the mood in your space and will undoubtedly have the biggest impact,” explains Sam Bramley, colour specialist at Lick Home.

Her tip? Play around with muted colours to create a soothing, warm-feeling space.

“Don’t dismiss beige as boring,” she advises. “It’s an earthy, comforting base colour, and pairs well with warm whites.”

When you want to go a little bolder, take a leaf out of paint doyenne Annie Sloan’s playbook.

“You can’t get more life-affirming than a celebratory bold pink,” says Sloan. “It’s a wonderful antidote to grey winter weather. Alternatively, darker greens give a sublime, cosy, nest-like feeling all year round.”

If you don’t want to repaint, then introduce colour through your accessories. For example, Samsung’s The Frame TV is a versatile way to incorporate a pop of colour into your room, with a selection of detachable bezels available to purchase in a choice of 40 different colours.

With a wide range of artworks to display on-screen when the unit is on standby*, and no eye-catching wires to distract from those nice clean lines, it’s an easy way to warm up the colour scheme in any given room.

3. Choose some winter fragrances


Making your home feel more wintry isn’t just a visual process – you also need to think about introducing some seasonal smells.

Think about how evocative the smell of pine is at Christmas – well, you can extend that sensation throughout the winter months with some more well-judged scents.

“I’d never been one for scented candles but the year of lockdowns changed all that,” explains Kate Watson-Smyth, interiors author and instructor at Create Academy.

“Now I love catching the gentle scent of a fig and saffron candle or a eucalyptus and cypress reed diffuser as I drift past an open door.”

“Those are great winter fragrances, but look for anything with tobacco, leather and woody notes, and you won’t go far wrong.

“They will see you through the colder months, and then you can swap them out for fresher floral and citrus scents when you want to evoke a sense of springtime.”

4. Mix and match your textures


In the same way that your winter wardrobe is filled with fluffy woollens and chunky knits, so too should the textures around your home reflect the change in season.

Changing your textures with the seasons is another key element to “winterising” your home. After all, we change our clothes with the seasons, so why not the fabrics in our houses?

“Swap cotton for cashmere and velvet and add in some slubby linens and corduroy,” advises Watson-Smyth.

“You could even add the odd knitted cushion into the mix, while detailing like pompoms and fringes will also help dial up the cosy.”

Meanwhile, Helen Ashmore, head of design at Laura Ashley, swears by faux fur as an easy way to make things feel more wintry.

“You’re looking for rich textures that feel synonymous with the season,” she explains. “When styling faux fur pieces, be sure to limit yourself to one or two items, as it’s such an indulgent look, less is certainly more.”

“Mix faux fur with other cosy textiles, such as wool and rich velvet cushions for a sumptuous textured look.”

5. Warm up your lighting


If you’ve ever set foot in Scandinavia during wintertime, you’ll understand the importance of warm lighting.

If you want to achieve that cosy golden glow, start by looking for lightbulbs in the range of 2100 to 2700k, which emit a softer, warmer light.

Favour floor and table lamps over the overhead light and consider your shades throughout.

“It’s worth changing the shades so they diffuse more light softly around the room,” says Watson-Smyth. “Think rich cream linens and soft pink cottons so the light is more ambient.”

“Darker, more solid shades tend to give out more directional light – this way you’ll get soft pools of light all around the room, which will instantly feel cosier and more inviting.”

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Illustrations by Ana Hard.