Best health and wellbeing subscription boxes for self-care

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Ready to practise some self-care and treat yourself to a monthly wellbeing subscription box? Check out our suggestions below with the help of guest editor, Katie Piper

In this digital age, there’s nothing quite like receiving some good ol’ fashion snail-mail, is there? Nowadays, the rarity of getting a parcel to your door feels so lovely, tangible and romantic.

Of course, thanks to the lightning speed at which we can now get in touch with each other, there’s not as much need to send a letter or present through the post. But what about if you want to get in touch with yourself?

Perhaps because of the way the internet has taken over our lives, being mindful and practising self-care seem to be more important to us than ever. And, from self-care podcasts that help to ease stress to  courses in mindfulness, there are many ways to get your me-time nowadays.

One of the most special, though, is the ever-growing trend of wellbeing and self-care subscription boxes.

Delivered to your door every month, the selection of boxes below all suggest different ways to look after yourself, whether it be reading a good book or saying affirming mantras. 

Have a look at our edit of best mindful subscription boxes and treat yourself (or a friend) accordingly.


Mental health charity, Mind, is already a huge support to those struggling with illnesses like depression or anxiety. Now, though, the organisation has found another way to not only encourage donations to support the work it does, but also reach out to even more people.

Introducing Pause, a little me–time treat delivered to your door each month. 

Boxes cost just £7.50 a month, and that money goes straight into funding the charity. You, in return, get a little monthly package with small treats to remind you to invest some time in your mental wellbeing and brighten your day. 

We think this would also make a lovely present for someone who was struggling with their mental health, especially someone who is familiar with all the wonderful things Mind do.

Check out Pause for yourself here

The Box Of

Sisters Rochelle and Shana, launched The Box Of in 2017 to encourage those with intensely stressful corporate lives to invest more time into looking after themselves. The pair grew up receiving parcels of love and care from distant family members and hoped to recreate that special, cosy feeling of postal delivery for other people in need of a little TLC. 

Speaking about why they decided to start their own business, the duo explain: “The Box Of was born from our passions and own self care needs as busy modern women working in the big smoke. Together with a team of top notch advisors, we’ve created a rotating selection of honest ‘good for you’ products and practices that inspire you to find space in your life to focus on the positive and keep going the right way, whatever life throws at you.”

There’s a selection of subscription options available ranging from one (£25) to three (£75) months, and different types of boxes you can pick for yourself, too. Select your ‘feeling’, from peace, love, brave, calm or energy and you are confronted with a plethora of beautiful gift ideas for yourself, or a self care box. Boxes typically include a mixture of luxury aromatherapy candles and mindful tools, stationery, edible refreshment products and come in a large kraft box. 

Check out The Box Of for yourself here

Buddy Box

Blurt is an organisation dedicated to increasing awareness and understanding around depression. With a small team, it does all it can to partner with bigger companies and spread the word and give support to those that need it. One of the ways it tries to do this is with Buddy Box, a subscription service that is designed to counter the pressures we face in modern life with what they describe as “a hug in a box.”

Each BuddyBox contains at least five quality products hand-picked to nourish, inspire and encourage self-care. The products change every month and remain top-secret until they get delivered to your door. It is, however, possible to have a gander at previous boxes which contain sewing kits, mindful books, notepads, plasticine figurines, face masks, hot chocolate and eye masks. 

Although Blurt’s main mission is helping with depression, the boxes are designed for anyone who could do with a day brightener, and are deliberately created ageless and genderless to appeal to as many people as possible. 

Check out Buddy Box for yourself here.

Hygge Box

Hygge (pronounced ‘hue-gah’) is the cosy Danish concept of looking after yourself. This word came into fashion over here in the UK a few years ago, and,  since then, we’ve been applying it to everything, from our food to our desks at work… so why not bag it up and send it out to all those that are most in need of some TLC?

Well, that was the brilliant idea had by the creators of Hyyge box who wanted to celebrate nourishing our minds, creating, growing, cooking, slowing down, gratitude and contentment, with this lovely parcel. 

The monthly packages are designed to pamper, inspire, organise and nourish subscribers, ultimately to help them make time for themselves. 

Each £35 box includes five items, usually from ethical and local suppliers, that have a wellness theme. This might be a beautiful book to encourage some quiet time, a special sweet treat to brighten your day or a calming oil or mist to pop on your pillow, for a good night’s sleep. 

Check out Hyyge box for yourself here

Rainbox Soul Surprise Box

Rainbow Soul Surprise Box is a more spiritual option for those who are looking for some self exploration or to “dig deep” inside themselves, as opposed to a postal pick-me-up. 

The monthly £24.95 boxes will introduce you to practices from all over the planet, offering a smorgesboard of spirituality, wellness methods and soul work. They encourage recipients to explore every colour and shade of their lives with positive mantas, crystals, creative projects, practise invitations and candles. 

Although, of course, anyone can buy a box, the creators feel passionate about aiming them at women specifically. They hope that any woman who receives it will be inspired to never “hide her true colours, but embrace her glory.” Which is a message we can certainly get behind. 

Check out Rainbow Soul Surprise Box for yourself here

A Box of Happiness

Happiness Planner specialises in pastel hued planners, diaries and journals, all angled specifically towards helping buyers calm and compress their thoughts to encourage happiness, positive mental health and achieving success.

So, it would seem there are few more qualified to deliver a box that helps to organise your thoughts and encourage mindfulness. 

There are five types of boxes to choose from: confidence, law of attraction, purpose, self awareness and growth mindset. Each one is priced at £20 and includes a journal with 30 questions themed around your chosen box’s name, printable worksheets to help you achieve your goals, inspirational notecards and a beautiful notebook and pen, too. 

Check out A Box of Happiness for yourself here.

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