‘The Most Gentle Revolution’ by Nikita Gill

As part of our Kindfulness Project, Stylist is delighted to share a brand new poem about kindness from celebrated poet Nikita Gill.

There are still versions of you that remember

a soft childhood filled with caring for everything

that the grown ups around you simply ignored.

The baby bird with a broken wing you healed,

the thirsty plants you always gave water to

the lonely and sad children you befriended.

We learn when we are young how to be kind,

we are so certain back then that we are here to help

each other through sorrow and through sadness too.

But when we grow up we forget the magic

that lies within each act of kindness, that it has

the facility to build true hope the way revolutions do.

Kindness was always your superpower.

And your gentle heart can still change the world

if only you believe you can and truly want to.

For one day only on Thursday 15 November, Katie Piper has taken over as part of The Kindfulness Project, packing the site with articles on what she’s learned about empathy and the importance of self-care..

For similarly inspiring and uplifting content, check out Katie Piper’s Extraordinary People, available on Apple Podcasts now.

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