10 genius ways to make life more awesome

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Emerald Street is our free daily sister email - and just like a big sister it’s packed full of great ideas and advice, on everything from the latest make-up buys and must-read books to how to ace a job interview. So, where better to pick up tips on how to make life that little bit more awesome than from Emerald Street itself? We’ve chosen 10 of our favourite life-enhancing ideas from Emerald Street below...

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Spend more time in bed

Rather hit the snooze button than get up early to wash your hair? Freelance fashion and beauty journalist Sarah-Jane Corfield-Smith shared her beauty secret with Emerald Street: she sprinkles on Aveda Pure Abundance Hair Potion. “It is my hair’s godsend – it acts like a dry shampoo and an amazing volumiser,” she said. Discover more quick-fix beauty products from industry insiders here.

Become more confident

If anyone knows a thing or two about being confident, it’s supermodel and businesswoman Elle ‘The Body’ Macpherson. Taking up a guest editor spot with Emerald Street, Elle shared her pearls of wisdom on how to look and – most importantly - feel confident in your own skin. Spoiler alert: it involves wearing comfy trousers.

Recreate head-turning hair

When Emerald Street featured the Simple Gibson Tuck hair tutorial from Toronto-based blogger Sara Lynn Paige, it caused a sensation in the office. This very simple but striking hairstyle is perfect for switching up your look if you’re going out straight from work on a Friday night, and all you need to replicate it is a hair band, comb and hair grips. Genius.

Save money while you shop

We love to shop - but hate looking at our bank statements afterwards. Lucky for us, Emerald Street discovered a crafty way for us to get our retail hit minus the gloom of buyers’ remorse: online outlets! See their top five fashion websites here.

Get out of your comfort zone

Stuck in a rut at work? Maybe it’s time to take on a challenge - away from the office: “It’s important to take yourself outside your daily routine to achieve professional progression,” advised personal development consultant Diana Blakeman, when asked by Emerald Street. “Identify the top three things you want to conquer and when you do, capture that feeling and tap into it at work.”

Reclaim your time; do more fun stuff

Juggling. Once upon a time, only clowns juggled. For entertainment. Now we’re all doing it, all the time – and it’s really not that fun. Happily, along with sage advice from Oprah, we picked up these great time-management tips from this brilliant Emerald Street article. Now we've got time to go to work, see family and friends, begin a new hobby - maybe even go to clown school...

Perfect a show-stopping cake

In these post-Great British Bake Off times, it’s only sensible to have an amazing cake recipe up your sleeve that you can perfect in secret - whilst eating the results along the way, natch. This Chocolate Cake with Vanilla Meringue Frosting recipe from Emerald Street is very straightforward, yet the results are show-stopping. Result.

Tame the inbox beast

From work correspondence to our personal accounts, managing email is like fighting a losing battle with a mythical beast – it multiplies at will and gobbles up all of our time and attention. How, then, to tame the inbox beast? Use Outlook ‘rules’ or email filters, professional de-clutterer Cassie Tillett told Emerald Street. “It may take an hour to set it up, but it will save you unimaginable time in the long-run, believe me. In your inbox, only keep emails you actually have to action. Everything else should go into the relevant folder.”

Rediscover gin

Gin has come a long way since it was dubbed ‘Mother’s Ruin’. In fact it’s cool new thing to drink. But don’t take our word for it – rediscover the old favourite for yourself with these five amazing gin cocktail recipes from Emerald Street...

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