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After finishing Breaking Bad, binge-watching Scandal, clogging up our DVR with Modern Family and waving goodbye to our good friend Grey’s Anatomy, it is time for us to turn over a new leaf. A new TV schedule leaf that is.

This autumn, the timetable of new releases is absolutely crammed with exciting and intriguing programmes, as well a few ones that can only be described as meh. As this is the case, we have compiled this short list of hotly anticipated TV shows you will definitely be wanted to add a series link to. So go forth, dive onto the sofa, make sure you are well equipped with tea and snacks and begin.



9pm, Thursdays on Sky 1 (first episode aired on 2 October)

So you loved Sherlock, you’ve watched every episode of Elementary and have Criminal Minds on series link. Cue Forever; a show about Dr. Henry Morgan, a New York medical examiner (played by the dreamy Ioan Gruffudd) who solves crimes. But here’s the hook to really pull you in – Dr. Mogan is over two hundred years old, because every time he is killed, he comes back to life, in the hope of solving the mystery of his inexplicable immortality. That’s what all these other eccentric crime-solving shows have needed, a dash of immortality thrown in to really get the mystery bubbling.


Available to download now on Amazon

Up until now, Netflix has ruled the roost when it comes to producing critically-acclaimed original content, with shows like Orange Is The New Black and House Of Cards becoming award ceremony staples. However, things may be about to change all thanks to Amazon’s latest crack at the whip, Transparent. The series tells the story of Mort (played by Jeffrey Tambor) making the transition to becoming Moira. The series has an indie-film vibe and has already started to generate a lot of buzz, and because Amazon have decided to drop the entire series at once rather than opting for a week-by-week release, you will be able to binge-watch every episode to your heart's content. Well, you don’t have to, but it is definitely an option.


9pm, Sunday 12 October on Channel 4

After an amazing first season, gritty political thriller lost its way in season two and three. But this year, in it's fourth season, the Emmy award winning drama gets a major reboot. Critics who have been lucky enough to see the new season say it's grounded in a way that it was during the first season with a welcomed focus on the female anti-heroine Carrie Mathison, played by Claire Danes, and even more heart-wrenching scenes.

The Great Fire

9 pm, Thursday 16 October on ITV

The Great Fire is set to be one of the most ambitious costume dramas produced in recent years, portraying the destruction caused by the fire that began in a bakery in Pudding Lane in 1666, then proceeding to burn through London. Game of Thrones alumni Charles Dance and Rose Leslie star alongside Broadchurch’s Andrew Buchan in this hotly anticipated four-part drama (hotly, because it is about a fire…bad pun).

The Knick

9pm, Thursday 16 October on Sky Atlantic

We know what you’re thinking, here is another drama about another white male antihero who is plagued by his troubles, and frankly there are enough of these on telly at the moment. However, despite being born from the same white, male and troubled antihero blueprint, The Knick is bold and ambitious, with a wealth of intrigue and a truckload of gore and grit. It stars Clive Owen as Dr. Thackery, a brilliant surgeon pioneering the latest medical advancements in the early 20th century.


9pm, Monday 13 October on Channel 5

Of the long list of comic books making their mark on the small screen - Marvel's Agents of Shield and The FlashGotham is one of the most anticipated. Just as Smallville uncovered Superman’s teenage years, the crime drama is set in the days of a recently orphaned, 12-year-old Bruce Wayne. We also see the original stories of the most famous Batman villains from Poison Ivy and Catwoman to The Joker, The Riddler and The Penguin. There's appearances from Jada Pinkett Smith and Ben McKenzie (Ryan from The O.C) plays the young Detective James Gordon.


9pm, Mondays on ITV (Episode 1 aired on Monday 6 October)

The six-part fifties-set crime drama set off with rave reviews from critics and the Twittersphere alike this week. The first episode saw detective Geordie (Robson Green) strike up an unlikely relationship with the vicar, Sidney Chambers (James Norton), the beginnings of a charming crime-solving sponsored_longform. 


The Fall


It was BBC2’s most popular drama for 20 years and its second season is one of the most eagerly awaited TV events of 2014. Set against the political backdrop of Belfast, The Fall follows Detective Superintendent Stella Gibson, played by Gillian Anderson, and uncovers intricate stories of the lives entangled by a series of murders. Viewers were left unsatisfied at the end of series 1, (spoiler alert) when serial killer Paul Spector (Jamie Dornan) fled the country and evaded arrest in the closing moments of the season. Judging by the trailer released in July, the next instalment is going to be every bit as chilling as its predecessor.


Marco Polo

7.01pm, 2 December 2014 on Netflix

Netflix does period drama with this original 10-episode historical saga. It follows Marco Polo, the Venetian explorer, on his sojourn into 13th-century China, then ruled by Kublai Khan. According to a press release, the drama will be rife with warfare, manipulation and sexual intrigue, as well as a global cast featuring Italian newcomer Lorenzo Richelmy and Chinese actress Zhu Zhu as Polo’s love interest. 


TBC on Netflix

The Wachowski brothers, creators of The Matrix Trilogy and V for Vendetta, are behind this new sci-fi drama about eight people around the globe who find themselves telepathically connected. They are hunted by those who see them as a threat to the world's order and must find a way to survive. 

Downton Abbey

Christmas Day, ITV

Hollywood royalty is coming to Downton this winter in the form of George Clooney. Yes, the Oscar-winning actor will appear in a sketch for the Christmas special of the hit ITV show and has already filmed his scenes, a Downton spokesperson confirmed to the Guardian. Actress Laura Carmichael, who playsLady Edith, revealed Clooney will try to kiss Maggie Smith’s Dowager Countess in the episode. “There’s a very brilliant moment with Maggie and George – I don’t know if I want to give away any more than that really – but George wants a kiss and Maggie ends up on the floor, it’s wonderful,” she said.

To be confirmed later this Autumn


Autumn/Winter on ITV

You may wonder why the US version of the highly-acclaimed drama Broadchurch has made it onto our list, because, well, we know what happens. However, executive producer Carolyn Bernstein of Gracepoint has assured us that, “as the series progresses, it really diverges in pretty big large ways from the original.” Therefore, with a stellar cast including Breaking Bad’s Anna Gunn (Skylar was always our favourite) and a new and exotic location (ok, the north Californian town looks a lot like Dorset), it will be well worth reliving the drama and watching the mystery unfold. Still feeling unsure? Well, we are sure David Tennant’s familiar face will sway you towards switching on - he plays the male detective in the US version as he did in the original (though the character is different).


Autumn/Winter on Channel 4

When Danny Boyle’s Babylon originally aired its one-off episode back in February, people were eager for it to return, a wish the genies at Channel 4 have granted. The comedy-drama has come back as a six-part series, once again following the Metropolitan Police’s Director of Communications Liz Garvey ‘trying to drag the force into a new media age.’ Starring the likes of James Nesbitt, Brit Marling and Bertie Carvel, Babylon has the airs of The Thick Of It with added sirens and high-vis jackets.

(You can catch up online now with episode from February on 4od).

Bonus one to watch out for

The Affair

TBC in UK (US air date Sunday 12 October)

As we are feeling extra nice, we’ve decided to add a bonus selection to our top ten. We are not entirely sure of when The Affair is going to be released in the UK, but we are definitely waiting on the edge of our seats. Starring Britain’s very own Ruth Wilson and Dominic West, the ten-part series revolves around the aftermath of an extra-marital affair between West and Wilson’s characters. The trailer offers us flashbacks to a holiday spot in Long Island where West’s family are staying and where Wilson lives with her boyfriend. However, the dialogue of the voiceover suggests something truly awful has happened in the present. We cannot wait for this gripping drama to air on our fair isles, we just wish it would hurry up!

Words: Natalie Clark

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