10 relatable relationship questions people asked Google in 2017

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Google has just released their top searches for 2017, and it turns out that lots of people use the wise search engine for relationship advice. 

From ‘How do wildfires start?’ to ‘How to be superwoman?’, people across the world have consulted Google with many a question this past year.

And can you blame us? 2017 has been quite a year – from Brexit to Donald Trump being elected as the 45th American President – it’s been a confusing time. 

Which is why the search engine has released a list of the most Googled questions in 2017 (searches that have had the largest spike in comparison to 2016) and the video alone will give you all the feels:

As well as the big hitters, it seems that people also regularly go to Google for matters of the heart. Here are the 10 most Googled relationship-based questions (with correlating answers) from the past 12 months: 

10. What does a healthy relationship look like?

Top answer: “Healthy relationships involve honesty, trust, respect and open communication between partners and they take effort and compromise from both people. There is no imbalance of power. If or when a relationship ends, there is no stalking or refusal to let the other partner go,” according to

9. How to know when your relationship is over?

Top answer: Google cites an article by Cosmopolitan as the number one source of wisdom. 

8. How to get out of a toxic relationship?

Top answer: “Have a mantra. Stop all possible contact, and keep knowing your value,” according to

7. How to get over a relationship?

Top answer: “Ditch the rose-coloured glasses. 

“Reflect on the relationship for what it was, likely it was neither all good nor all bad.

“Pick up your reading glasses.

“Talk it out. 

“Resist acting out.

“Jot it all down (in private).

“Take a good hard look in the mirror,” according to the Independent

6. What is an open relationship?

Top answer: Surprisingly, Google cites the definition of an open marriage as the answer to this one. 

5. How to save your relationship?

Top answer: “Re-evaluate the reasons you’re together. Go back to the beginning.


“Do something special together.

“Cut out external influences.

“Forgive each other.

“Come clean about one thing.

“Set boundaries with each other,” according to the HuffPost

4. What is a poly relationship?

Top answer: Google cites a HuffPost blog entitled, ‘Polyamorous relationships are about more than just couples’. 

3. How to build trust in a relationship?

Top answer:  “Keep your routine. A lot of people believe that mixing things up all the time makes a great relationship. 

“Be reliable. Trust is just another way of saying you can rely on someone. 

“Mean what you say. 

“Tell the truth. 

“Share how you really feel. 

“Say no sometimes,” according to WikiHow.

2. How to change your relationship status on Facebook?

Top answer: Of course, Google kindly directs you to the Facebook Help Centre

And the most Googled relationship-based question of 2017 goes to…

1. How do make long distance relationships work?

Top answer: With nearly 60,00 social shares, Google cites an article entitled 21 best tips on making a long distance relationship work for the answer to this one. 

So next time we need some relationship advice, we know who we’ll be turning to. 

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