Small moments of solitude we all cherish in our fast and frenetic world

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Sejal Kapadia Pocha
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Happiness doesn't just come from the big moments in life.

While fist-bumping successes at work, milestone leaps in budding relationships or reunions with old friends can be great for fuelling endorphins, they are often infrequent and unpredictable. 

However, for all that time in-between, there are life's small moments of pleasure and solitude that sustain us through this ever switched-on and demanding digital age.

These are the precious, snatched segments of our day when no-one and nothing can dictate what we do, and we relish the all-too-rare tranquility of being entirely alone. 

These could be as subconscious as slipping into our pyjamas when we get home from work and relishing in our sofa's familiar, cosy homeliness, or, something more planned such as dining solo and watching passers-by for hours from a window seat.

Illustrator Emma Block captures the 10 little but great ways you can bring more serenity into your life. Read them, write them down, or print and stick them to your bedroom wall. Consider it your de-stressing and anti-productivity checklist. 


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