This 101-year-old woman has broken records with her 100 metre sprint

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When this 101-year-old woman smashed records for the 100 metre sprint, we immediately knew that we would be adding a new name to our list of inspiring female athletes.

And what a name it is: Julie ‘Hurricane’ Hawkins took part in the USA Track and Field Outdoors Masters Championship last weekend, completing the 100-meter-race in just over 40 seconds.

The Louisianan citizen not only smashed her own personal best, but set a new record for her age group. 

As if that weren’t enough, the Hurricane has now also become the oldest female athlete to have ever competed in the competition.

Speaking to The Advocate, Hawkins modestly reflected on her performance, claiming it didn’t feel like she was going “that fast”.

“'I didn't feel like I was (breaking the record),” Hawkins revealed to the magazine.

Comparing this year’s championship to previous races, she continued: “Other times I felt like I was flying. This time, I wasn't feeling like I was going that fast.”

You might be wondering, what’s your secret mighty Hurricane? How can I be like you when I grow up?

Well, first things first; knowing when to get out of bed and Carpe Diem is good place to start.

During the event Hawkins told reporters, “I missed my nap for this”, and we’re glad she did!

The mother-of-four also attributed her success to a loving relationship and surrounding herself with family.

Filling WBRZ in on her secrets for victory, she said: “I tell people the thing I recommend is to marry a good man. If you marry to a man for 70 years and have four wonderful children and then you have great grandchildren.”

“You can't ask much more than that that's what I'm blessed with.”

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