13 Going on 30 is the latest film to get a musical makeover

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Fans of the very specific film genre of adult-kid swappery, stop what you’re doing (ie press pause on Big and Freaky Friday) and listen up: 13 Going on 30 is getting remade. In musical form.

Yep, the 2004 romcom – starring Jennifer Garner as a teen whose wish of sidestepping adolescence and diving straight into the debatable joys of adulthood comes true – is going to Broadway as a musical, penned by the show’s original scriptwriters Josh Goldsmith and Cathy Yuspa. reports the story is being brought to the stage by Revolution Studios and producer-director Andy Fickman, who directed She's the Man, and will feature original music – though using key tunes like Thriller “has not been ruled out”.

The film sees 13-year-old Jenna wanting to be popular and, following a humiliating birthday party, wishes herself into adulthood as a glamourous career woman.

However, as we all could have told her from the off, there are worse things in life than not being friends with the in-crowd (who are invariably all terrible people anyway. Bitter? Us? NEVER).


“We are thrilled to partner with a group of tremendously talented individuals to bring 13 Going on 30 to the live stage,” said Marla Levine from Revolution Studios. “We are always seeking innovative approaches to enhance and expand upon properties in the Revolution catalogue and this is a fantastic way to breathe new life into a delightful story so it can be enjoyed by theatre audiences.”

There's no word yet on when exactly a production would be ready, but any teen viewers who loved it when it was first released are now not far off 30, flirty and thriving themselves – so this is clearly excellent timing.

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