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A quick poll of the Stylist office reveals that the retro classics we enjoyed at the ice cream truck are still our favourites on a hot day - must be the heady combination of nostalgia, brain freezes, and sugary, creamy goodness.

So behold, our top 20 lollies, cones and tubs of ice cream indulgence. Obviously we'll have missed some frozen treats off our list - but what about you? Which ice cream do you reach for? Let us know @StylistMagazine or in the comments below and we'll add them to our list.

  • 20 best ice creams: Calippo

    On a hot, hot day, nothing hits the spot better than a Calippo, in classic orange. Thirst-quenching, syrupy sweetness and a dose of retro nostalgia in one pop-up tube - the only problem is the soggy paper top of the packet...

  • 20 best ice creams: Ben & Jerry's Core Dough-ble Whammy

    Ice cream aficionados may have sampled the Ben & Jerry's Core Sundaes in Cinemas - it's basically two different types of ice cream swirled with a huge dollop of American-style fudge, chocolate and whipped cream. The (slightly) less sickly and more affordable Core tubs are epic - we sat and ate a whole batch in the Stylist office this afternoon and felt very sick, but so so happy. The Dough-ble Whammy is our favourite.


  • 20 best ice creams: Choc Ice

    This one is pure nostalgia. Who doesn't remember cracking out a Wall's Choc Ice from the fridge during the summer holidays?

  • 20 best ice creams: Joe Delucci's Cherries and Custard

    Bringing incredible Italian Gelato to the masses, Joe Delucci's have outposts across the country. Sold by weight in Italy, apparently they are "the heaviest Gelato's around" meaning more ice cream for your buck. The Cherries and Custard flavour is delightfully British and reminds us a bit of trifle.

  • 20 best ice creams: Fab

    Another childhood classic - we were sceptical when Fab revamped their ice lolly in Apple and Blackcurrant, but it really does work.


  • 20 best ice creams: White Magnums

    It was hard to choose a favourite Magnum. Really hard. But for some reason the White Chocolate Magnum feels especially posh.


  • 20 best ice creams: Simply Ice Cream Honeycomb Crunch

    We like this ice cream for many reasons - because it's made the old-fashioned way, and started out as a popular dessert in young Mum Sally Newall's catering company. But we mainly like it because it tastes like the melted middle of a Crunchie bar.


  • 20 best ice creams: Mars ice creams

    Our Entertainment Editor Debbie McQuoid says of the Mars: "Totally sickening but I remember the excitement when they first launched in the 80s. I was in Primary School. It was carnage." Enough said.


  • 20 best ice creams: McDonalds Strawberry Sundae

    A controversial choice, we know, but there's something undeniably delicious about this fruity treat (especially when a little worse for wear) - and it beats the grim McFlurry hands down. Our resident foodie and feature writer loves them.


  • 20 best ice creams: Maxibon Cookie

    The Maxibon started out as a guilty pleasure on many a European summer break - and now they're available in the UK. Let the scoffing commence.

    £1.60, available nationwide

  • 20 best ice creams: Mini Milk

    Adorable mini milky lollies with jokes or fun facts on the stick! Well, at least they used to. We haven't sampled these since our school days.


  • 20 Best Ice Creams: Mint Feast

    There's something about a Mint Feast. Much meatier than your average chocolate lolly, but with the refreshing after-tang of mint - we were so happy when they brought these back. The mini ones are just enough to satisfy chocolate cravings.


  • 20 best ice creams: Mr Whippy

    The daddy of all ice creams - this whipped, pure white classic (with a flake, of course) reigned supreme before fancier rivals from America and Italy came overseas. But we'll always stay true to a 99 in the park.

    Available from ice cream vans, nationwide

  • 20 best ice cream: Neapolitan

    You may turn your nose up at the humble neapolitan, but nothing reminds us of a childhood treat more than this rainbow stripe of flavours. Much better than a Vienetta at parties, and easier to share with a friend. Hands up who used to eat the chocolate first, then the strawberry, and left the vanilla till last?


  • 20 best ice creams: Pear Picking Porky

    A Northern Irish Pear flavoured ice lolly that our Entertainment Editor (she's a big ice cream fan) swears by. We love the name.


  • 20 best ice creams: Häagen-Dazs’ Mint Leaves & Chocolate

    Basically a very fancy version of Mint Choc Chip. How could we leave Häagen-Daz off our list?

    £4.59, available nationwide

  • 20 best ice creams: Twister

    The perfect blend of creamy ice cream and ice lolly - this underrated treat does not get enough love.

    £2.25 (for a mini pack)

  • 20 best ice creams: Green & Blacks Vanilla Caramel Nut

    They make amazing chocolate bars, but their ice cream is pretty good too. Our favourite flavour is the Vanilla Caramel Nut - it's the slightly salty caramel sauce.


  • 20 best ice creams: New Forest Bubble Gum Highball

    A real retro treat.


  • 20 best ice creams: Ben & Jerry's Wich

    Ok, we've included two Ben & Jerry's ice creams in here - but have you tried the 'Wich'?! The only way to improve ice cream is by sandwiching it between two cookies - so wrong, but so right.



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