20 on-screen bedrooms we wish were ours

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A woman's bedroom is her haven. It's where she does most of her relaxing, thinking about the day and, of course, sleeping. Not only that, the way in which she's decorated and arranged her room tells you a lot about her personality.

Here, we've selected some of the most amazing bedrooms from the big and small screen, in which we'd simply love to have a kip (and have a little rummage). Tell us which one is your favourite in the comments below or tweet us your favourite @StylistMagazine.

  • Claire Underwood's sleek and sophisticated bedroom

    To ensure you have a clear head for all that two-faced political plotting, we imagine you'd need a calming bedroom. And probably one which will help you sleep and let you forget about all those people you screwed over during the day. Claire Underwood's light and airy bedroom is full of creams and browns, ideal if you're trying to ease a guilty conscience.

  • Lady Mary Crawley's Edwardian dressing room

    After Matthew's death (sob! We're still not over it! COME BACK MATTHEW, WE DON'T LIKE THE NEW ONES), Lady Mary took to her room and barely moved, save having to stare out of the window in a forlorn sort of way. Not only that the room has also seen its fair share of scandal, including the time Lady Mary had a Turkish gent in there, who then died after they'd made love.

  • Rachel Green's sweet bedroom

    Rachel Green's room is still one of our favourite on-screen boudoirs of all time. Not only did we love it because it was the place where her and Ross broke up and got back together again, we also adored her French pictures. It was utterly girly and unashamedly so.

  • Serena Van der Woodsen's cool-with-an-edge bedroom

    This is a more modern room and is effortlessly cool, kind of like the owner. But it also has a dark side - the butterfly wall fixture is a reminder that there's something wild about it too.

  • Kat Stratford's music bedroom

    Kat is a bit of an angry young woman so it's no surprise that her wall is adorned by bands who make angry(ish) music. While it may be a bit of a typical teenager's bedroom, we still love the collage effect on the wall and the fact that she has an amazing sun blanket on her bed (hello the 90s).

  • Olivia Pope's immaculate bedroom

    There's little wrong that Olivia Pope can do in the style stakes and her bedroom is no exception. Witness the careful balancing of colours - all in muted tones of course - and the expensive-looking lampshades.

  • Amélie Poulain's French chambre

    If we lived in France, then we would want a chic Parisian home like Amélie's, especially her wrought-iron bed, which is so lovely, we're currently hunting down a replica on ebay. We also love the fact that she's gone for red walls. In any other place, it could look terrifying. Here, it looks cosy and comforting.

  • Buffy Summers' not-so-innocent bedroom

    Another teenager's room, this time it's the vampire slayer's, but that doesn't mean anything. To the naked eye, this might look like a typical girl's bedroom, but actually it's stuffed full of weapons and crosses, all the better to ward off vampires. Except Angel, of course.

  • Cher Horowitz's ultimate teenage bedroom

    The ultimate teenage bedroom, which comes with a dream wardrobe. Cher chooses her clothes everyday from a computer and then decides on what she wants according to what matches. We're still waiting for a decent computer program to offer us this.

  • Holly Golightly's minimal bedroom

    There's little you can see from these pictures, but we do know that Holly also has a dressing table and a cat who likes to jump on her back to wake her up. The little windows in the back of her room are also very sweet. Just what is up with that strange fake donkey with a string of flowers around its neck?

  • Carrie Bradshaw's shocking blue room

    When Big leaves Carrie at the altar in the first Sex and the City movie, she goes for a complete makeover - on her own look but also inside her flat. She has her whole room painted a deep, bright blue, which is paired with an elegant bedhead and dressing table. And don't even get us started on that frame cluster behind her bed - it's the best we've ever seen.

  • Kathryn Merteuil's sexy den

    When she's not playing cruel tricks on young naive teenage girls, or betting her step-sibling he can't bed the head master's daughter, this is where the evil Kathryn spends most of her time. The blue bedroom oozes money and is also a little intimidating.

  • Blair Waldorf's faux French boudoir

    If you take a look above, you'll notice that Blair has a painting of Marie Antoinette, perhaps that's because she views herself as a ruler, or Queen B, if you will. The subtle Gallic nods are seen throughout her whole room, which is no surprise considering her love for Paris.

  • Delysia Lafosse's succulent grey bedroom

    This has got to be one of the more decadent rooms on the list. Seeing as Delysia Lafosse is a movie star, it would make sense that she has a ridiculous and over-the-top bedroom.

  • Frenchie's American bedroom

    We all know the scene, Frenchie tries to pierce Sandy's ears, at which point Sandy screams and throws up in the bathroom after seeing blood. Rizzo, being mean, sings about Sandy being too innocent. During the song, we get a great view of Frenchie's room, which is adorned with Rydell High paraphernalia and lots of pink. The dressing table which has a little vanity mirror (bottom, right) is our favourite item in this room.

  • Monica Geller's pink bedroom

    This pink room has seen many things. Joey, Chandler, Phoebe and Monica all had to hide out when Rachel and Ross were fighting, and they even had to resort to eating the wax from the girls' leg hair removal kit. This was also the place where Monica and Chandler told Joey about their, then secret, love affair.

  • Alicia Florrick's grown-up haven

    Cool, calm and collected, Alicia Florrick's room is a proper bedroom for adults. There's no messing around here, just a clean bed with a brown roll-top frame.

  • Sabrina's magical cave

    OK, so we might not want a lava lamp in our rooms anymore (we were obsessed with having one when Sabrina the Teenage Witch was on TV), but that doesn't stop us from loving her magical room. We wouldn't mind having a talking cat though.

  • Summer Roberts' purple bedroom

    As Summer Roberts has a penchant for hitting boys, particularly on her on/off boyfriend Seth Cohen, she needs a peaceful place to stem all that anger. Her room is full of pinks and purples, perfect for a little time to herself.

  • Iris Simpkins' cosy alcove

    After discovering that her boyfriend has cheated on her, LA-based Amanda Woods (played by Cameron Diaz) decides to do a house swap with Brit, Iris Simpkins (Kate Winslet). Amanda discover's Iris' place to be a shabby chic cottage in Surrey complete with beautiful quaint fireplaces, and a bedroom that's full of charm.