Nokias, whale tails and Britney Spears: 20 truths about the year 2000

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Katharine Busby
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The Year 2000 doesn’t sound that long ago, does it? Until you remember…

  • 1. Blockbuster

    Rainy movie night at home: Netflix? Something on Sky HD? Nope! Pop your cagoule on, you’re off to Blockbuster for the latest release (if they’ve got enough copies in, that is).

  • 2. Friends Reunited

    Wow, feel a bit amazed and impressed by the incredible forward-thinking of the people behind Friends Reunited. (A 16-year-old Mark Zuckerberg was probably impressed, too.)

  • 3. Will Smith

    Will Smith was a pop star: 2000 was the year he won the Kids Choice Award for Best Male Singer, as well as being the year his daughter, future singer Willow Smith, was born.

  • 3. Nokia 3310

    Your Nokia 3310 was cutting edge.

  • 4. Lip gloss

    Slathering your lips with shiny coloured gloss was pretty much the height of make-up sophistication (never mind that everything then stuck to them).

  • 6. Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt

    You had high hopes for the union of Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston, who married that year. Their's was a Hollywood marriage that would actually last. Right?

  • 7. Angelina Jolie and Billy Bob Thornton

    You were less convinced by the longevity of Angelina Jolie and Billy Bob Thornton’s marriage, which also began that year. (But you’d never have suspected Angelina would end up with BRAD PITT.)

  • 8. Sarah Lancashire

    Sarah Lancashire was still, in most people’s eyes, Racquel from Corrie or - at a push - Yvonne from Clocking Off. The rise of Happy Valley’s awesome Catherine Cawood was some way off.

  • 9. The Big Breakfast

    Waking up to your TV blasting out bright colours, chaos and celebrity interviews was still a thing, with Johnny Vaughan and Liza Tarbuck at the helm of The Big Breakfast.

  • 10. Big Brother

    You were GRIPPED by Big Brother after it debuted on British TV that summer, to the point where you rushed back in time to watch the live evictions on a Friday night. Mel, Anna, Craig and Nasty Nick were talked about at watercoolers across the land.

  • 12. Macy Gray

    Macy Gray’s On How Life Is was the grown-up album you bought and put on while hosting “dinner parties”, aka big bowl of pasta for your mates.

  • 13. Starbucks

    You knew you were cool if you were sipping a coffee in Starbucks.

  • 14. Gladiator

    You went to see Gladiator and suddenly had a massive crush on Russell Crowe, having never heard of him before.

  • 15. Destiny's Child

    Destiny’s Child were a Big Deal. Sure, Beyonce was the lead singer, but she wasn’t the Queen B she is now.

  • 16. Smirnoff Ice

    Smirnoff Ice and its addictively weird sugary, vodka-y mix.

  • 17. Low-rise denim

    Oh yes, you’d got denim just right in your low-rise bootcut jeans with no back pockets. Definitely.

  • 18. Whale tails

    ...and obviously you’d got the underwear just right too - by wearing a G-string with said jeans, and displaying (sometimes by accident, other times by design) your “whale tail”.

  • 19. Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake

    Thinking Justin and Britney would probably end up getting married - in matching outfits.

  • 20. Sex and the City

    Perfectly acceptable to refer to one of your friends as “The Miranda of our group” or “The Charlotte”. (But never “The Samantha”.)

  • Water-gel bras

    Bras padded with water-gel were on the top of your wish list, even though they felt like having two mini waterbeds strapped to your chest.


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Katharine Busby

Katharine Busby is a writer and editor. She knew she was a feminist when she realised it didn’t mean chucking away her lipstick, but having the choice to do so should she wish.