30 things to do before you're 30

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We thought it was high time to create the ultimate bucket list of things to do before turning 30. While life certainly doesn’t end at the turning of a decade - in fact it probably gets better - there are some experiences that are just synonymous with our 20s.

And since you, dear readers, are full of collective wisdom we asked you for your must see, try and do lists. You gave us a whole host of inspiring ideas on Twitter, so we’ve whittled it down to 30 of our favourites. Whatever your age, add these to your bucket list now…

1. “Backpack the world, stay in dodgy hostels, and meet amazing people that will change your life” @littleswallow

2. “Stop fad diets – embrace and mix both food and life” @susie_fleming

3. “Get my motorbike license and splash out on a midlife-crisis style ride!” @Katty_beans

4. “Climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge, though I did it at 40. Amazing at any age” @Aoifemcgee

5. “Go crowd-surfing!” @phoebefrangoul

6. “Pretend to be someone completely different for one night only” @SpotMichael

7. “Skinny dipping #thatisall” @lisajanechapman

8. “Learn a rap song from start to finish” @NicolaDownes

9. “Write a children’s book and go on a road trip across America” @zoezahra

10. “Fail. Try again” @tashlee

11. “Fall in love with someone wildly inappropriate” @_Bluefinch_

12. “Wear leopard print from head to toe” @PeonyandMoore

13. “Head home after a night dancing when the sun is just coming up” @LondonKirsty

14. “Go after your dreams. If there’s something you want to achieve, go for it, even if you think you might fail” @KaisaLarkas 

15. “Be happy being single, and live alone for a while” @Magasin

16. “I wish I’d done the whole Ibiza thing before” @life4todayltd

17. “Visit 30 countries before 30. I have 3 more to go!” @natsol13

18. “Go on an outrageously beautiful holiday you probably can’t afford…” @emmarigby88

19. “Climb Mount Kilimanjaro!” @Tracey_Cormack

20. “How about bungee jumping!” @PrivateSpaceNW6

21. “Ride on the back of a motorbike listening to Lady Gaga’s second album” @RedHeadFashion

22. “Own my own house. Or a cocker spaniel dog.” @FM_Emily

23. “US road trip: Pacific Coast Highway LA to San Fran and then across to Vegas” @SharmeeMavadia

24. “Completing either a 5K or 10K… Two birds one stone” @Sazmo_

25. “See what life is like as a brunette!” @sarahcatterick

26. “Go to a full moon party in Thailand” @LouiseRigg

27. “Travel alone” @MarinaSecretGarden

28. “Sort out a pension” @kingstrato

29. “Camp at a festival. You won’t want to when you’re a proper grown up!” @margotbarbara

30. “Stop dieting, eat more butter, smile lots and realize that turning 30 is just the beginning” @toomanyjenners