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Settling for less might seem like an easier option than fighting for more, but does that make us happier? We asked the experts…

If you’re the kind of person who would rather go with the flow than be the one that makes the plan, you’re not alone.

But opting for less drama doesn’t mean you should settle for less. While nothing major will happen as a result of taking things easy, life can bring unexpected surprises when you live it to your fullest.

And while we’re always told about #goals, not settling for less and believing we deserve the best should also be folded into our mantras for everything from our purchases (Škoda’s Scala embodies exactly that ‘never settle for less’ ethos, with cars that don’t sacrifice quality despite the price) to our work life.

With that in mind we spoke to career coach Alice Stapleton and psychotherapist Lucy Beresford about  how not to settle for less. 

  • When it comes to your career

    “In this day and age, so many career options are available to us,” says Stapleton.

    “Technology, entrepreneurialism and flexible working means we can now be creative about how we change careers, or build one from scratch that suits us. 

    “We don’t have to follow traditional routes into employment any more. Instead, we can choose and carve out a career path that reflects our own priorities. 

    “All this choice means there’s no reason to settle and stay doing something we don’t enjoy. We all have alternative options.”

  • When it comes to your relationships

    “Whether it’s your career or the search for ‘The One’, it can be very easy to settle for less,” says Beresford.

    “We learn how to behave in the world by copying other people, so when several couples in a friendship group or in the office announce they’re tying the knot, it can have a snowball effect on others in the gang. 

    “And if you’re keen to have children, it can be even more tempting to commit to someone just because they are in your life at the right time, not because they are necessarily the right person for you long-term.”

  • When it comes to your dreams

    “It sounds a bit morbid, but research shows that the most common regret of the dying is that they didn’t have the courage to pursue their dreams,” says Stapleton.

    “They’d settled for a life that others expected of them. 

    “Utilise your health and take advantage of the freedom it currently provides.”

  • When it comes to who you are

    “Being true to yourself, your principles and your dreams, is actually an important life skill,” explains Beresford. 

    “In childhood, we get so used to doing what others want (whether it’s teachers, parents or friends)

    “It takes a lot of confidence and self-discipline to speak your truth and own what you really want in life. 

    “The gamble of not ultimately finding love or the job of our dreams can compel us to settle for mediocre but it’s important to take that risk for your own happiness.”

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