5 of the best ways to reward yourself after a workout

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After a gruelling gym sesh, we all need a little TLC. Here’s how to make the most of that endorphin high…

Picture the scene. You’re doused in sweat, chugging down the last of your electrolytes, about to peel off your kit and hit the showers. 

You’ve well and truly smashed it, so what is one to do now? 

Go home and watch TV? Maybe, but you can do that any time. Occasionally, a great workout requires a treat yourself moment afterwards.

After all, with so much adrenaline rushing around your body, it seems a waste not to celebrate a little. 

Here are five ways to give yourself a pat on the back in the name of self love (and if you join the gym at Southside Wandsworth, they’ll all be at your fingertips).

1. Get your nails done

Nothing says you’ve got this like a fresh mani. Seriously, get a Shellac done and suddenly, you feel about 80 times more polished. 

So, after you’re done stretching, head to Smart Look Beauty for their signature polish service. Goodbye, kettlebell chipped nails. 

2. Hit the shops

Whether you want some new kit for your next session, some new products to refresh your make-up bag, or a new seasonal wardrobe, a touch of retail therapy never hurt anybody. 

Head to Kiko or Debenhams for all your beauty needs, or hit up Topshop or Uniqlo for some new threads.

3. Book some deep relaxation

Whether you’re a hardcore cardio hitter or more of a yoga addict, we can all get ourselves tied up in knots. 

Factor in sitting in an office chair all day, or being hunched over a laptop and you’re destined for aches and pains. 

Book in for a deep tissue massage at Bamboo Beauty - not only will it help you relax, but you’ll leave feeling about three inches taller.

4. Catch a movie

Okay, so, if you do want to just chill out and flop, that’s cool. 

But why not do it in the comfort of a cosy chair at Cineworld, and take in a movie with friends? 

They’ve got all the blockbusters (and some Bollywood offerings) in their 14-screen cinema at Southside Wandsworth and popcorn counts as protein right? Nope, but it’s still a happiness-inducing post-workout snack.

5. Grab a bite to eat

Speaking of which, maybe you just want to eat your treat, in which case we don’t blame you.

Save yourself from the despair of a watery shake and tuck into Gourment Burger Kitchen or Wagamama (both have vegan and veggie options), or if you feel like DIY-ing it, grab some nutritious bits from Planet Organic.

Whatever your idea of a treat is, Southside Wandsworth has got you covered. Visit now