Five reasons everyone should see 'I Got Life!'

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Feelgood comedy I Got Life! is the delightful story of Aurore, a woman entering her 50s and wondering what comes next. Spanning different generations in a heart-felt and honest way, here’s why I Got Life! is the year’s must-watch…

1. It’s universally relatable

Middle age has hit Aurore (Agnès Jaoui) like a runaway train. She’s divorced, she’s hit the menopause, she’s about to become a grandmother and she’s terrified that the fun part of her life is over. For women of Aurore’s age, it will be hilariously relatable, but for women still a long way off their half-century it’s an honest, positive look at what’s to come.

2. It makes you value your family

I Got Life! isn’t just the story of Aurore, but also of her daughters. The eldest, Marina (Sarah Suco), is pregnant with her first child, experiencing the equal joy and panic of impending motherhood. The youngest, Lucie (Lou Roy-Lecollinet), is in the midst of her first love, which she believes is pure and true and will last forever (we all know how that usually goes). The different views make you appreciate your own mother, daughter or sibling and the various dramas we all go through.

3. It’s hilarious

When you’ve lived for 50 years, you appreciate that every crisis needs a sense of humour. Aurore’s story is full of laugh-out-loud moments, like the time she gets delicious revenge on her misogynist boss, or the awkward dates with a man who thinks she wants more than sex. It’s a constant hoot.

4. It shows that a great best friend is for life

One of I Got Life!’s most memorable characters is Mano (Pascale Arbillot), Aurore’s best friend. It’s a delight to see them prove that whatever age you reach, you don’t need to lose that mischievous camaraderie that made you friends in the first place. Mano will make a scene in public just for the fun of it – she doesn’t give a damn what anyone else thinks, and she’s always there for Aurore.

5. It’s full of hope

If there’s one key message to be found in I Got Life!, it’s that the fun is only over when you give up. Aurore enjoys all the great things in life – laughter, sex, friendship and love. Middle age isn’t a signal that life is over; it’s a reminder you’re only half done. 

In cinema’s 23 March, 2018

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