5 things that make gym struggles a lot easier

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A good workout will have you working up a sweat but it doesn’t all have to be so painful…

When we go to the gym, most of us want to put in the work. We want a good sweat session, we (secretly) love the next-day aches and the sky-high endorphin rush afterwards.

What’s not so great is all the little indignities and annoyances that going to the gym entails. Moments of uncomfortable stickiness or unsupportive kit can make what should be a blissful way to switch off very unappealing.

So here are five products, from the UK’s best sports bra to the bottle for your pilates classes, that will make your workout a breeze…

1. Shock Absorber bras

Scrimping on a sports bra won’t just have you wincing in pain during your workout – it can actually cause long-term changes to your breasts. Fun fact: your boobs can move 14cm during exercise if not properly supported, regardless of your bra size.

It’s specifically this excessive movement that causes discomfort and damage.

Shock Absorber bras are designed to reduce movement by up to 78%, meaning you can hop, skip and jump to your heart’s content. 

We love their Ultimate Run Bra – as the name suggests, it’s great for cardio but will guide you through pretty much any sweat session. It’s also seamless on the inside, making for less chafing and rubbing, and has a full back opening to make it easier to wriggle in and out of.

There’s 4 colourways, and it comes in sizes from 30A to 38G, so you’ll be sure to find a style and size of this award-winning bra that ticks all your boxes.

2. Aquis hair turban

There’s nothing quite as unpleasant as shivering under a mane of sopping wet, freezing cold hair as you try and get dressed, invariably splashing your outfit in the process. And then, as you head out after, dripping everywhere you go.

Wrap your hair up in one of these genius towels from Aquis. Super gentle on all hair types, especially Afro hair, the microfibre helps to dry hair quickly.

Unlike traditional towels, it’s also a lot kinder to the cuticle of your hair. The upshot? Less frizz, faster drying time. 

3. Moso damp absorbers 

No matter how scrupulously you wash your kit after a session, your bag is always going to start to build up a bit of… residue, shall we say? 

It’s simply not practical to chuck the bag in the wash every week, so why not pick up one of these Moso charcoal damp absorbers

Much chicer than most (and it’s hard to make these chic, trust us), they’re great at minimising odour, bacteria and damp.

Chuck one in your bag and forget about unwanted whiffs.

4. Sony noise-cancelling headphones

You’re ready to HIIT it hard: trainers on, limbered up, Beyoncé ready to play. 

Except your headphones are tangled in your ponytail and now you’ve pulled them out altogether… Argh! 

Avoid getting in knots and switch to wireless headphones, like the noise-cancelling Sony WF-SP700N bluetooth headphones that will get you in the zone. They also happen to be splash proof. 

Seriously, once you’ve tried them, you’ll never go back. And they’re not just brilliant for the gym, they’re a godsend for commuting, too.

5. Bobble bottle

The key to enjoying a workout and not feeling like you’re gasping for breath after your first rep is hydration. 

The more you sweat, the more fluids you’re losing, so avoid dehydration and invest in a water bottle to carry out with you. 

These sweet offerings from Bobble have an ergonomic grip and a built-in filtration to help sift out any errant nasties from tap water.

Whether you’re a cardio killer or a pilates queen, make sure you’re well supported with Shock Absorber. Shop the range below.