5 things to keep in your Christmas party survival kit

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We’ve all feverishly tried to get our energy levels up for the third party of the week while regretting committing to so many events in the first place. Here’s everything you need in your Christmas party arsenal to see you through…

Surviving party season is all about tactics. 

Knowing when to stop (it’s a school night, so that fourth glass of prosecco may not be your friend), knowing when to dodge (do you really need to talk to your third-cousin-twice-removed about his Bitcoin startup?) and crucially, knowing how to prepare.

In order to keep your head clear and energy levels up so you actually enjoy yourself, we’ve pulled together an edited selection of hero products to help you breeze through the season…

1. For the pre-party preen

While we’d like to salute anyone with the conviction to remove and reapply their make-up fully before an event, we’re not about to tell you to do that. 

Why would you when face mists (the dry shampoo of the make-up world) exist?

The right one is quite the multitasker. It can set your make-up, refresh your face after a day sat under a central heating vent and bring some radiance to your skin.

Our pick, Mac Prep + Prime Fix+, is brilliant at bringing creased concealer or patchy bronzer back to life.

2. For keeping energy levels up

Keeping your energy levels up and staving off hunger pangs, a handful of almonds (that’s around 28 grams or 23 individual nuts if you’re getting technical) is the perfect 3pm fix.

High in fibre and Vitamin E, they’re the ideal snack to support you through the busiest time of the year. 

They’re also a good source of magnesium, which contributes to the reduction of tiredness and helps put that spring back in your step.

3. For a touch of zen

In ideal world, we’d all have time for a long, luxurious shower, replete with body oils, a loofah and maybe some whale music before every social event.

We can’t add an extra hour into the day, but we can point you in the direction of the next best thing: magic essential oil towelettes with lavender. You can use them to clean your hands, freshen your face, mop up sweat… the works.

They’re practically perfect in every way, and come in a delicious range of scents. 

4. For the morning after

If there’s one thing that gives away a sleepless night and a few too many, it’s red, puffy eyes. So, give yourself a helping hand the morning after and invest in some eye drops.

They put a bit of sparkle back in your peepers and make you look wide-awake again. No one need to know that you were last to leave the dancefloor (other than everyone who watched your Instagram Story, obviously).

5. For the breakfast of champions

A smoothie is the perfect vitamin hit after a heavy night. It’s a quick, easy and refreshing way to give yourself a targeted blend of goodness.

Soak a handful of almonds overnight (it’ll make them easier to blend) for a hit of nutrients like magnesium and iron, then add some sliced banana, berries and your choice of liquid – almond milk will be especially good.

Blend to perfection and sip smugly en route to the office. 

Embrace straight-forward snacking with almonds. Head to California Almonds for snacking inspiration.