5 ways to make afternoons at work more fun

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It doesn’t matter if you’re in your dream job – nobody’s safe from the 3pm slump. So, we’ve rounded up five mid-afternoon pick-me-ups that will banish the boredom…

Before work, you’re the living dead, grunting words, shuffling to the bus and hoping you don’t see anyone you know.

Then, once you’re up and at ‘em, the morning flies by: you’re productive, ticking stuff off that terrifyingly long list and feeling like a woman in control of her life.

Then it’s lunch, the best hour of the working day.

After lunch you’re bumbling along when – boom – it hits you: the 3pm slump.

The severity of the snooziness or mental stagnation varies, but the time is universal. Sometimes all you need is a biscuit. Other times, you need a form of entertainment to reignite your attention span.

Instead of giving in and crawling under your desk for a nap, here are five ways to help beat that pesky afternoon energy dip and refresh your day.

Make a collaborative playlist

Ditch the headphones and replace the sound of clacking keyboards and sedate chatter with some uplifting afternoon tunes to wake everyone up. 

Music is guaranteed to give the office more of a party vibe, even if you’re on deadline and working like a gherkin.

It’s rare that everyone in an office will agree on music genres, so to avoid fights, make a collaborative playlist. That way, everyone gets their turn playing DJ and nobody hogs the speakers.

Sit back and wait for your colleagues to start singing, humming or bopping as a form of your own personal entertainment.

Spice up the tea round

You know everyone’s tea preferences by heart, but sometimes even that mug of milky caffeinated goodness can’t compete with the power of the 3pm crash.

It’s time to shake things up. Buy a big mixed box of tea, then play tea roulette.

Pop a mystery bag in, hand the cups out at random and voila: everyone is sipping on something unfamiliar and trying to figure out what the heck they’re drinking.

If you’d prefer a cold one as a 3pm bevvy instead, go for a bottle of Volvic Touch of Fruit. It will wake up your tastebuds and refresh the most boring part of the day.

Go on Desk Safari

Can’t escape the office to go look at some nature? Fret not. It’s time for a game of Desk Safari

Get a picture of a cute/silly/weird-looking animal up on your screen and then position one of your colleagues behind your monitor so it looks like they’ve got the body of a giraffe, mongoose or spider monkey.

Hours of fun guaranteed (or until your boss notices what you’re up to).

Play office bingo

Every office has its own quirks. 

Make fun of the mundane and make a list of the stuff that’s guaranteed to happen at least once every day (Joanne complains about the air con; Sam loudly eats crisps; Josh blares music out of his computer thinking his headphones are plugged in; someone leaves a passive aggressive note in the kitchen etc) and turn it into a game of ‘office bingo’.

Stay alert and once you’ve ticked off everything, shout “BINGO!” (Or, more realistically, email it.) The winner doesn’t have to make tea for the rest of the week.

The adrenaline rush of all that excitement should wake you up a tad.

Go aldesko

Got a laptop? Grab it, your notebook, mug and anything else you might need for the afternoon and go find a quiet, and preferably green, spot to work outside. 

Choose some tasks that don’t need you to be connected to wifi or servers and soak up some of that well-needed vitamin D while you work.

The sunlight will wake you up and you’ll be surprisingly productive without all those pesky office distractions. If you want to really push the boat out, get snacks and it’ll feel like a picnic.

3pm slump, what?

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