5 women on what being remarkable really means to them

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When you think about remarkable women, you may think of athletes who break world records, activists who change laws or movie stars with their name in lights.

We all have those women we look up to, but even those women recognise it doesn’t take global recognition to be remarkable. 

We spoke to five of our heroes to discover the qualities they think make a person stand out, and why they’re not as unattainable as you might think… 

1. Gina Martin on bravery

‘No’ is not a word activist Gina Martin takes kindly to. 

Gina has successfully changed English law to make upskirting a criminal offence, through 18 months of tireless campaigning and online abuse. 

Despite the trolls, pushing through was worth it.

“Remarkable for me is the ability to be brave even when you’re terrified,” she explains. 

“There have been times during my campaign when I’ve cried in the shower through exhaustion and frustration, but getting back up and trying again the next day is all it takes.

Remarkable feats (which people tell me mine is, even though I am in the throes of imposter syndrome) come from regular people simply not stopping or taking no for an answer.”

2. Marie-Pierre Stark-Flora on grace

As Senior Vice President of wellbeing beauty brand philosophy, Marie-Pierre Stark Flora’s aim is to encourage women to look, but more importantly feel, like their most remarkable selves. 

Because being nourished from within leaves you more able to make a lasting mark on the world.

“When I meet women who are strong but vulnerable, superhuman but human at the same time, women who listen to others, who are kind and see the power in that, who push through the hard times with nothing but grace and spirit, that’s when I realise how remarkable all women can be,” she says.

3. Callie Thorpe on the extraordinary everyday

Influencer and model Callie Thorpe’s inclusive mindset has seen her tackle sizeism and mental health on her growing platforms, but the woman with thousands of followers refuses to forget the everyday heroes.

“To me, being remarkable isn’t about being someone recognisable,” she says.

“It’s about being exceptional in your own right, with the day-to-day struggles that don’t earn awards and accolades.

When I think about remarkable people, I think of the people in life who overcome struggle and hardship and still make time to be kind to others around them, or those who do good in their community without the want for recognition. 

It’s the parents, teachers and nurses who keep our society running.”

4. Munroe Bergdorf on shifting perceptions of normality

In a world where marginalised groups are making waves despite a tidal wave of online abuse, Munroe Bergdorf remains undeterred. 

The model and activist speaks passionately about race, LGBTQ+ issues and more, proving that the one simple thing all remarkable women want is a better life for all.  

“As an activist, much of what I currently observe as remarkable should be normal,” she explains.

“Anyone who has the courage to speak up about mental health, LGBT issues, racism and feminism is using their strength to make the world brighter, but there shouldn’t be a stigma around these conversations in the first place.

I don’t call myself a role model, I call myself a role option; the main thing that matters is that I’m of use to my community and that I’m providing a perspective for people who don’t understand LGBT people.”

5. Pip Jamieson on the power of cheerleaders

Pip Jamieson is the founder of creative networking site The Dots, dubbed the next LinkedIn, and has been named one of the UK’s top female entrepreneur - which is not surprising when you consider she’s in the top 2.3% of women to receive the level of funding she has. 

“One of my favourite quotes is ‘be a cheerleader, the world has enough critics,’” she says. 

“As women, we face so many challenges when it comes to building our careers, particularly for founders like me.

I’ve found the trick to weathering the constant rollercoaster of starting a business is to surround myself with cheerleaders – they’re the most remarkable people I know and the reason I’m still in business.”

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Artwork inspired by Gina Martin

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