6 struggles you only know if you wear glasses

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While we love a pair of specs, the daily trials and tribulations of everyday wear are real. There’s nothing more likely to leave you reaching for your contact lenses as an alternative than the below…

Unsurprisingly, wearing frames hooked around your ears that sit on your nose can be incredibly annoying. Having worn glasses for nearly 20 years, Stevie Martin explains why she’s becoming best mates with her contact lenses…

It gets steamy (in a bad way)

Yes, it’s quite funny when you bend down to get something out of the oven and emerge with steamed-up glasses. Sitcom gold, some would say.

It’s also quite funny when it’s freezing outside, you walk into a toasty bar and your glasses fog up to high heaven. LOLs for the bartenders. 

The problem is, while this might be the first time you’re witnessing it, I’ve been dealing with this every day, so it’s less funny, more irritating.

Trust me when I say I’ve never felt more alive than walking into an establishment wearing Acuvue contact lenses and nobody noticing my face. 

Selfies are unfairly hard  

Glasses-wearing selfies are a nightmare; not only is there a constant glare problem, but you can see your own hand reflected in the lens and, let’s be honest, your on-point eyeliner is totally wasted underneath all that glass and frame. 

The best option would be going au naturel, but this comes with its own set of issues. 

Namely, not being able to see the shutter button, not being able to see where the camera is, and having to constantly put your specs back on to check the photo was actually taken. It’s the opposite of candid. 

Nose indents… enough said

Talking photos, you can always spot the glasses-wearer in a group shot because they’re either squinting, not looking at the camera or sporting attractive dents on the bridge of their nose. 

It looks like someone has grasped them by the nose with some barbecue tongs. 

Either way, your contact lenses become your key accessory on a night out. 

Sunglasses are SO expensive  

Oh, to be the sort of laissez-faire goddess who can spot a pair of cool shades and just pop them on. 

For those without 20/20 vision, sunglasses have to be prescription, which means the choice can be limited and they’re way more expensive.

Once you’ve decided on frames, you’re stuck with that style, summer-in, summer-out, regardless of whether they’re still on-trend.

OK, so it’s a First World problem, but it’s no fun being surrounded by cute vintage shades your mate just bought for 90p.

And it usually ends up with you trying to wing it with some chic, non-prescription frames at the park one day, not being able to see anything and walking into a tree.

The loosening. Oh, the loosening      

A nerd woman wearing glasses looking nervous.

Your glasses started off fitting beautifully. Tight to the head, but not too tight. Comfortable around the nose.

And then, a few months in, they began to loosen. 

You’ve noticed this happening because every time you look down, they start to slide down your nose until they’re falling off your face left, right and centre. 

And the worst thing is, there’s little anyone can do. 

Sure, the optician can tighten the hinges, but it’ll only slow the process. It can’t stop the inevitable, which is you turning round quickly and your glasses flying off your head into a wall. Or an innocent bystander. 

Emergency frames 

There’s no noise that makes the blood run quite so cold as the sound of stepping on your own glasses. The crack. The pop of the lens. The sharp intake of breath as you lift up your foot and realise you may to have to wear your emergency frames – which were purchased in 2009 and are currently held together with duct tape – to that important meeting. 

Thank God for Acuvue contact lenses.

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