6 ways you can realistically help save the planet

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Thanks to national treasure David Attenborough and his eye-opening Blue Planet 2, the world is finally taking notice of the devastating impact single-use plastics have on our oceans…

We now know that every day approximately 8 million pieces of plastic pollution find their way into our oceans. 

And single-use plastics (think the packaging on your grapes or the water bottle you picked up with lunch) are regular culprits.

Fun (read: terrifying) fact: a plastic bottle can last for 450 years in the marine environment, breaking down into smaller fragments over time.

While we know you are a particularly conscientious bunch, and are probably still haunted by images of dolphins trapped in plastic fishing nets, living an eco-friendly life can be tricky.

So, we’ve rounded up six easy switches you can make in your home to create a space that is bit more environmentally friendly and little kinder to our planet. 

Ditch the paper towels

The high environmental impact of producing, transporting and (after just one use) disposing of paper towels means that there is a 10g CO2e carbon footprint per paper towel you use. 

That’s a clear argument for switching to reusable dish cloths to clean surfaces in your home.

Think before you wrap 

Take notice of how frequently you use plastic in your kitchen. 

Take a second each time you reach for the cling film or put your lunch into a sandwich bag. It’s frightening to realise just how much single-use plastic has become an everyday item.

Invest in a few glass storage dishes for leftovers (we love these from Ikea) and opt for some recyclable greaseproof paper to wrap sandwiches in. Added bonus – you’ve got yourself a Pinterest-worthy packed lunch.

Find a local market for your fresh produce

As well as supporting local producers, opting to buy your fruit and veg from a local market has the added benefit of reducing single-use plastic.

Ever noticed how your supermarket-bought produce comes in endless plastic wrapping? Feel the pang of guilt after opening your fruit and vegetables and practically filling your bin with plastic? Us, too.

Shopping at a local market will mean you’re already reducing your waste. Take a tote bag to load up with fresh produce and you can shop guilt-free. 

Invest in a Brita water jug

We all know we’re supposed to drink loads of water during the day, but it can be an expensive and plastic-prone habit if you’re going for bottled water.

Here’s something that will blow your mind: Over half (55%) of all bottled water buyers buy it to drink at home.

Treat yourself to a Brita water jug for the house (plus a fill&go water filter bottle for when you’re out and about), and you’ll easily do your bit to minimise that stat without sacrificing great-tasting water.

Put cosmetic bottles and packaging to good use

Many high street beauty brands are now doing their bit to ensure as many empties as possible are recycled and repurposed – and they are even rewarding customers for their efforts. 

Mac offers a lipstick after returning six primary packaging containers. Meanwhile, if you return 10 Kiehl’s empty products of any size, you’ll get a free travel-size item. 

We’re in.  

Natural cleaning products 

Chemical cleaning products can impact your health and the environment. Thankfully, brands such as Method and Ecover are readily available in most supermarkets and are devoid of harmful chemicals without compromising on effectiveness.

Plus both brands make their bottles from recycled plastic. 

 We’re huge fans of Method’s limited edition rose-gold range, for obvious reasons.

We’ve got quite the bundle to give away (worth £500), courtesy of Brita.

We’ve teamed up with them to give away a Water Filter Tap including a year’s supply of filters*, a Water Filter Kettle as well as a Fill&Go bottle so you can enjoy great tasting filtered water on the go as well as at home.

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