7 women on the most important lessons their mums taught them

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From the advice you never expected to the career tip that carries you through…

Your mum is nearly always on hand to give you advice – whether you ask for it or not. 

But as much as we love to eye-roll at our mother figures, sometimes they really do know best. 

So, we asked seven women for the most invaluable piece of advice their mum ever taught them.

1. Share the love

“I’ve picked up a lot from my mum over the years; I can never leave somebody with an empty glass, my house doesn’t feel right without candles burning, and Sunday dinners are always hosted at mine. 

“But the best thing she’s taught me is to take every opportunity to let the people you love know how you feel. 

“That compassion has made me a better friend, wife and nurse.” 

Jamie, 27, Cumbria

2. Look on the bright side

“No matter what life has thrown at us, my mum has stayed positive through it all. That’s something that’s always stuck with me. 

“And she taught me not to waste sunny days moping over boys. Always get outside. A wise woman indeed.”

Liz, 28, Brighton

3. Always show gratitude

“My mum taught me the importance of thanking people. 

“Whether it’s a simple thanks to the barista for my morning coffee, or showing my gratitude towards someone who helped me through a tough time.

“As well as carrying this through to my everyday life, I also make sure I show my mum how thankful I am for her, whether it’s with words or little surprises. 

“For example, this Mother’s Day I’m going to surprise her with a pair of Pandora stud earrings.”

Elise, 26, London

4. Get your life together

“My mum taught me to be self-reliant – get your career straight, be the master of your own money, and always have a bottle of wine in the fridge. 

“Having said that, she also taught me that it’s perfectly acceptable to have little-to-no savings because you’ve spent all of your money on food.”

Alice, 23, Manchester

5. Don’t forget the neck 

“My mum is a former army officer, so she’s never been big on make-up.

“I learnt those tips and tricks from magazines and my grandma, but my mum has always been very into skincare and looks amazing for her age. 

“One thing she’s particularly pressed upon me from a young age is to moisturise my neck as well as my face – she’s very passionate about that.”

Sarah, 27, Colchester

6. Be childish when it works

“Now that I work with children, a lot of what I learnt from my mum is coming back to me. 

“Sulking definitely works (when done properly) to show someone that they’ve upset you while you can’t beat the power of imagination. 

I feel like that’s something we lose as we get older, but my mum always encouraged me to embrace my creativity and I do the same with the children I work with.

Also, you can’t beat a good stern look to scare children into behaving themselves.”

Bethan, 28, Devon

7. Cook. A lot.

“My mum taught me to always make a ton of food. She’d be mortified if we had people over and had nothing to feed them.

“Food is how she shows us she cares. Not well? She’ll make you food. Celebrating? She’ll cook. Sad? You’re about to eat.

“She learnt it from her mother, and my sister and I have definitely picked that up from her.”

Chandni, 24, Harrow

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