7 cool Halloween outfit ideas from your favourite 90's horror films

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Need some Halloween costume inspiration? How about a little something from your favourite Nineties horror films?

Yep, we’re all still loving the decade and there’s nothing wrong with a throwback or three, as long as you’re choosy with what you take from a rather questionable time.

Now that October has rolled around again, there’s no better moment to indulge your nostalgia. Don’t believe us? There’s a treasure trove of Halloween fancy dress ideas from the Nineties – this was a 10-year stretch that saw The Craft, The Blair Witch Project, Misery and Tremors, for crying out loud. What more do you want?

Just make sure your look is scary or from a horror film (don’t get us started on wearing any old fancy dress – being a cat, duh, will just about pass, but Elsa from Frozen is a no-go).

Annie Wilkes from Misery


Annie Wilkes from Misery.

The character of Annie Wilkes from Misery is an easy one to recreate. Opt for a long skirt, grey high neck jumper (we like this one from ASOS), a thick wool cardigan and a small, gold crucifix necklace. The key is to keep the make-up low-key, the hair straight and simple and let the props do all of the talking.

Trinity from The Matrix

The Matrix

Trinity from The Matrix.

Trinity from The Matrix is one kick-ass lady, and who wouldn’t want to channel her on Halloween? We recommend you buy something that you’ll use again, like this ASOS black vinyl trench coat. Then pair it with an all-black outfit: jeans, T-shirt, gloves, biker boots and a pair of sunglasses. Then slick your hair back, grab two toy guns and you’re good to go.

Morticia Addams from The Addams Family

The Addams Family

Morticia Addams from The Addams Family.

Again, be creative and opt for something that’s already in your wardrobe to easily transform into Morticia Addams from The Addams Family. If you don’t own a long, black dress then something like this one from ASOS would fit the bill – and you’ll be sure to wear it again, and again. Then paint your nails red, match them to your lips and go all out with gothic make-up and a long, black wig.

The Craft

The Craft

All four female characters from The Craft are ideal Halloween inspiration.

You have four characters to pick from in The Craft, and to be honest we’d channel any one of them any time, any day. We’re willing to bet you already have a few of these items hidden somewhere in your wardrobe. You can pick up a great tartan skirt from Urban Outfitters, pair it with a white shirt, drape yourself in spikes and chains and complete your look with a pair of pop socks and boots. Then soothe your gothic soul with heavy makeup, nineties-style.

Heather Donahue from The Blair Witch Project

The Blair Witch Project

Heather Donahue from The Blair Witch Project.

It’s so simple, yet so scary. To transform into the character of Heather Donahue from The Blair Witch Project all you need is some hiking gear, camera, beanie hat and a checked shirt like this one from H&M – along with a constant runny nose, of course.

Rhona LeBeck from Tremors


Rhona LeBeck from Tremors.

As the source of scientific knowledge in the film Tremors, the character of Rhonda LeBeck fits the bill of being both frightening and funny. Pull on a pair of blue jeans (or cargo-style trousers), a plain purple tee like this one from H&M, and pair with plimsolls and a rucksack. Then curl your hair and get creative with using coffee to stain your top.

Mary Sanderson from Hocus Pocus

Hocus Pocus
Autumnal films: Hocus Pocus.

If, like us, you love an underdog, then opt for Mary Sanderson from Hocus Pocus – rather than Winifred or Sarah. Opt for a long tartan or checked skirt like this one from Etsy, and pair it with an orange blouse, black heeled boots, silver jewellery and a red waistcoat or sleeveless cardigan. Then apply some heavy make-up, and if you can’t achieve that purple-rinsed up-do easily then look to snag a wig online.

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